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By: Josh Henkin
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Are Women Strong Enough For Combat?

I'm doing research on women in combat positions... why they should or shouldn't be able to be in a combat position. The only reason I can see that they shouldn't be in a combat position is their strength. Lack of strength can cost a woman or man his or her life in a combat situation. I know women have a more difficult time than men in gaining muscle or strength. What is the reason for this?

My friend, I hope no high level female athlete sees this post! Why do you assume women are not capable of high enough levels of strength to be effective in combat? There are many female athletes that would put many men to shame. Tara Knott, Marion Jones, and Debbie McNulty are just a few names of female athletes that can perform AMAZING feats of strength.

To clarify what you are trying to say let us try this... men have a higher potential for maximal strength than women, is this closer? While this is true, due mostly to hormonal factors and muscle mass, this does not mean a woman can not be effective in combat.

If we are speaking even more specifically about hand to hand combat, many experts in this field will tell you being the survivor has little to do with one's maximal strength. Much more important is someone's knowledge of fighting skills, agility, coordination, and strength-speed.

Now, I have not researched what I am about to say, it is all my opinion. I think women have not been put in the front lines of many wars because many societies view one of the critical roles of its female population is to populate. This is not a sexist statement, but a fact that men can not give birth! I also believe it is not as socially acceptable or as easy to accept a the chance of a mother passing away in the line of duty.

It is important to note though there are countries where women do fight on the front lines. I do know Israel has a law where EVERYONE has to join the military once they turn the age of 18. So, please make sure to do the proper research on this subject so that you can provide your readership with the most accurate information possible.

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Are Women Strong Enough For Combat?

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