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I have been pleasantly flooded with questions about training and bodybuilding. However, I have to say that because of my time commitments with my clients and others my time is somewhat restricted. Here are some of the questions I have been asked recently along with my answer. Send in your questions by e-mailing me at Below is an outline about how to ask questions to get the answers you are looking to receive.

Send me:
1. Age
2. Sex
3. Injury History
4. Current Training and Nutritional/Supplementation Programs
5. How long you have been training
6. Bodyfat
7. Goals: Be as specific as possible with time frames as well
8. Frequency of Training
9. Other commitments, i.e. family, relationships, etc.

Question Listing
Note: New questions are added to the bottom. - Updated often!

How Much Weight Should I Use For Front Squats? Answer
Can Somebody Have Great Strength AND Aerobic Capacity? Answer
Martial Artist: Increase Anaerobic Threshold? Increase Kicking Power? Answer
Cheap Nutrition And Supplement Bulking Plan For A College Football Player? Answer
Is This A Good Mass Gaining Program? Answer
Why Should I "Push" As Much As I "Pull" While Working Out? Answer
Mass Gain: How Often To Train? How Many Sets And Reps? Answer
Do Plyometrics Work? What About Air Alert's System? Answer
Do I Have To Work My Legs? Answer
What Carbs Can I Eat? How Many Calories Should I Burn During Aerobics? Answer
I Am 38 And Completely Out Of Shape. Help? Answer
Should I Lift Weights Or Just Do Cardio For Fat Loss? Answer
I Have Back Pain. What Exercises Can I Do To Get Strengthen My Abs? Answer
Crunches Hurt My Back. What Can I Do Instead? Answer
How Many Sets And Reps For Plyometrics? Answer
Free Weights Or Machines? Answer
Can You Give Me Some Workout Advice? Answer
Interval Training? Answer
Creatine While Trying To Lose Fat? Answer
Improve For Football? Answer
Am I Too Old To Build Muscle? Answer
Is This A Good Plyometrics Program? Answer
Why Can't I Get My Abs To Show? Answer
How Can I Develop Speed? Answer
Does Soreness Mean Growth? Answer
Improving For Sports? Answer
Hardgainer: Slow Down My Metabolism? What Training Program? Answer
What Is A Good Workout Program And Diet For A Fitness Competitor? Answer
Is Methoxy Good? Can I Mix Supplements With Creatine? Answer
I Can't Bulk Up Because I Gain Fat Too Fast. Does The Warrior Diet Work? Answer
Should I Use High Reps To Get Toned? Answer
Workouts During Football Season? Answer
Do Sports And Bodybuilding Mix? Answer
Will Ankle Weights Increase My Vertical Jump? Answer
How Many Sets And Reps Should I Do? Answer
What Should I Do To Swing Harder For Baseball? Answer
What Is Isotonic, Isokinetic, Isometric and Auxotonic Training? Answer
Increasing My Vertical Jump? Answer
Can Deadlifts Cause Lower Back Pain? Answer
What Is A Good Workout Program For A Boxer? Answer
Are Arnold's Training Ideas Correct? Answer
How Can I Build My Lagging Traps? Answer
Can Body Fat Turn Into Muscle? Answer
How Can I Lose My Lower Back Fat? Answer
What's Wrong With Using The Smith Machine For Squats? Answer
I Am Getting Stronger, But My Body Doesn't Look Different! Help? Answer
Should I Use A Bowflex? Answer
Will Creatine Help Me Add Strength? Answer
Why Is My Left Pec Bigger Than My Right? Answer
Are Goodmornings And Stiff Legged Deadlifts Dangerous? Answer
I Am A Skinny Runner. How Can I Gain Muscle? Answer
I Can't Increase My Bench! What's Wrong? Answer
Are Women Strong Enough For Combat? Answer
Are High Reps For Endurance And Low Reps For Mass? Answer
I Seem To Be Getting Weaker! Why? Answer
Why Are The Hip Extensors So Important For Jumping? Answer
How Can A Long Distance Runner Gain Muscle? Answer
What Kettlebells Should I Start With? Answer
Can I Take Creatine And A Fat Burner At The Same Time? Answer
How Can I Better Prepare For Football? Answer
What Is A Good Vertical Jump? Have I Peaked? Answer
How Can I Strengthen My Vastus Medialis Oblique? Answer
How Can I Improve For Basketball? Answer
How Can I Prepare For The Army Tests AND Gain Mass? Answer
How Can I Get The Male Model Look? Answer

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