Hellraiser Training: Solo Overview

No training partner? No problem. Use this variation of HRT to put your muscles through hell.

If you've already tried Hellraiser Training, you know that it's a sprint through hell for you and one lucky lifting partner. I know some of you lone wolves have been stuck by the gates, unable to enter hell because you don't have an HRT buddy. Well, today's your lucky day. Welcome to HRT for solo lifters.

Hellraiser Trainer Solo Overview - 7:15

Hellraiser Training, using what are called "hellcentrics," has become one of the most popular bodybuilding partner training programs in the world. Why? Because it works like the devil.

The original program requires a training partner. Some of you have asked, "Bro, what if I don't have one?" Well, for those of you who don't have a lifting partner—or don't want one—I've developed a highly effective solo version of Hellraiser Training.

Unlike Hellraiser using hellcentrics, you don't need a minimum of two years of training experience. Nor do you need a dedicated spotter. You can start with HRT solo right now.

Alone in Hell

Solo HRT is a combination of regular reps and five-count negatives. You start every exercise with eight regular reps, followed immediately by six long negatives. On the six negative reps, you'll lower the weight for roughly five seconds. Count to five out loud to get a feel for how long this takes.

If you're doing barbell bench press and you're on the negative portion of the lift, you're going to slowly lower the weight at a five-count pace before pushing the weight back up. No, you won't have the added resistance a training partner provides. However, gravity provides plenty of resistance on the negative portion of all lifts.

HRT Solo Exercise Breakdown

2 sets of 8 + 6 reps on all exercises:
4 total working sets for smaller body parts
6 total working sets for larger body parts

Example Exercises

Seated Military Press
8 reps (60-80% 1RM) - Focus on the positive
6 reps (60-80% 1RM) - 5-count negative

Barbell Curl
8 reps (60-80% 1RM) - Focus on the positive
6 reps (60-80% 1RM) - 5-count negative

Bench Press
8 reps (60-80% 1RM) - Focus on the positive
6 reps (60-80% 1RM) - 5-count negative

I developed HRT Solo so you could train by yourself, but don't half-ass it. Constantly push yourself through the entire program.

If you are unsure of yourself on the bench press, use a Smith machine or another machine until you get a little bit more acclimated. If you use a flat bench, use one with safety racks. If you get in trouble, you can still rack the weight.

In Solo HRT, you don't have a partner to save your ass, so pick your weights carefully. Choose one you already know you can comfortably lift for eight reps without failing. For each working set, it's more important to finish the set than it is to fail.

HRT Hell Workout 1 Solo

Take Hellraiser with you!
HRT Solo Session I Printable Log (PDF 482 KB)

HRT Solo Hell Workout 2

Take Hellraiser with you!
HRT Solo Session II Printable Log (PDF 491 KB)

HRT Solo Hell Workout 3

Take Hellraiser with you!
HRT Solo Session III Printable Log (PDF 494 KB)

HRT Solo Hell Workout 4

Take Hellraiser with you!
HRT Session IV Printable Log (PDF 493 KB)


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