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How is that training for general fitness? As the Renegades know this is not training for general fitness. This is specialized training. You need to utilize a wide array of tools, learn why!
The majority of people who exercise in America would probably say their main goal is general fitness. Yet, their training consists of a treadmill, bike, maybe a squat and bench. How is that training for general fitness? As the Renegades know this is not training for general fitness. This is specialized training.

General fitness refers to training for the purpose of enhancing general fitness qualities and enhancing everyday function of movement. To enhance general fitness qualities such as range of motion-static and dynamic, agility, reaction time, static strength power etc ... we need to utilize a wide array of tools.

What Is The Steel Sledge?

The Steel Sledge addresses most of the qualities mentioned above. This tool is great for enhancing GPP levels. Whether you are a bodybuilder or a weekend fitness warrior the Steel Sledge can probably benefit you. When you come to my facility Total Body Fitness you will see pro combat athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models and general fitness enthusiasts (as they call themselves) using the STS.

Each use the STS in a different manner but they all realize the importance of high GPP levels. When first seeing the STS it intimidates most people, but with time they realize he is their friend. The Steel Sledge is just one of the tools that can result in extraordinary GPP levels.

The pulling sled is also a favorite of mine. Basically everyone uses the sled at my facility. I have found it great for knee rehab among its other many benefits. Non wtt-gpp exercises such as burpees, cross leg jumping jacks, slalom jumps, mountain climbers have also became a main stable for my trainees over the last few years. I mean trainees that come from every walk of life not just athletes.

PFN is at an all-time low in the exercise industry. One of the first steps to changing this is for trainees to be able to identify what is really necessary to enhance quality of life. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy training? Most people do when they experiment with a wider range of training means. Using a variety of tools kills boredom and reaps benefits at a steady on going pace.

Another thing that would help is to identity Kettlebells, Sledges, Hurdles as not hardcore training, but PFN training. The word hardcore scares people. You would be surprised at how many people I explain the concept of PFN training to that reply with I am not interested in that I just want to be fit. Need I say more?

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