Juggernaut Training!

Take your training to the upper limits of physical preparation with juggernaut training. In addition, to physical conditioning the preceding workout will build a tough as nails mental set.

Juggernaut: jug·ger·naut (jgr-nôt)
Overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in it's path.

I was looking at an exercise equipment catalog a few days ago when I came across an interesting piece of equipment. It was a boxing circuit set up on rotating tracks. This device allows the boxer to stay in one position as the station comes to him or her. After each 3 minute interval the bags rotate. The athlete does not have to move from their current position.

The price of this apparatus was $6,000. The marketing tool for this product was make bag work easier and more relaxing. Boxing is not suppose to be easy or relaxing. It does not matter if you are training for sporting competitions or general fitness, hard work is required.

If you are serious about improving fitness levels, training must constantly change. The average fitness trainee will probably change their routine by adding another set, or adding a new bicep exercise to their regimen for serious athletes (anyone interested in maximizing their level of fitness) who do not accept the word "average", extraordinary methods are introduced. Below I have provided a workout that will take you to the upper limits of physical preparation.

Juggernaut Training

The following regimen is for advanced athletes. Athletes should be well versed in GPP methods, sufficiently strong and flexible before performing juggernaut training.

Exercise Distance Reps Sets Rest Picture
Sled drag w/farmers walk w/duffel bag back 200ft n/a 2-4 Sets 1 Min
Carioca sled drag w/overhead db carry 200ft n/a 2-4 Sets 1 Min
Overhead db carry (snatch pos) w/ walking lunges 200ft n/a 2-4 Sets 1 Min
Turkish get up n/a 5 Reps 2-4 Sets 1 Min

Click here for a printable version of this workout!

Lay on the floor while holding a dumdbell straight above you with the elbow locked. Roll to the opposite side you are holding the dumbell with and stand up. Keep the elbow locked and overhead. Juggernaut Training is performed 1-2 days per week. This is a rigorous training protocol. In addition, to physical conditioning the preceding workout will build a tough as nails mental set.


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