Georges St-Pierre Physical Assessment - Where Do You Stand?

A physical assessment, allowing you to see how you stack up against GSP, a legend in MMA at age 29.

GSP Physical Assessment

"I think I'm a champion because I am the strongest guy," says GSP.

Which begs the question: Where do you stand?

To find out, try the RUSHFIT physical assessment, which allows you to see how you stack up against this 29-year-old MMA legend.

Physical Assessment
Watch The Video - 7:17

  • Squats - 60 secs, 20 secs rest
  • Pushups - 60 secs, 20 secs rest
  • Sit Ups - 60 secs, 20 secs rest
  • Burpees - 60 secs, 20 secs rest
The whole set can be purchased for $89.99 on the GSP RUSHFIT website: This includes six DVDs, as well as training and nutrition guides. Staff

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