Greg Plitt's MFT28: Mental Training

MFT28 is about more than transforming your body; it's about sharpening your mind. Greg Plitt will amp you up and get you ready to fight.

MFT28 is a hardcore, holistic program. To survive four weeks of this war, you need to be mentally ready at all times. You need to push past your fear and doubt. You need to fail and fight and fail again to even have a chance at success. My four mental training sessions will prepare you for battle and help you be more.

Face Your Fears

Fear is self-imposed. You have the power to create or destroy it. Face your fears to become the person you want to be.

Find Your Inspiration

Everyone starts a transformation strong, but you need intrinsic motivation to reach the finish line. Find your inspiration to transform your physique.

Own Your Success

The road to success can be a lonely path. To ensure success, you have to succeed for yourself. Own your transformation.

Trust Yourself

Every transformation is a difficult journey. You have to sacrifice today for a stronger tomorrow. Trust yourself to change yourself.

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