Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 4, Arms War

Get ready to smoke your biceps, triceps, forearms, and even your abs. You've got two Arms War workouts to wage today. Prepare for battle.

You've got two wars to wage today, starting with your morning mass workout. The morning arms session is an all-out battle between the biceps and triceps. It's a high-octane string of supersets and giant sets, designed specifically to smoke your bis, tris, and forearms. I hope you got some rest last night, because you're going to need it. Let's win the Arms War.

MFT28 Arms Workout!

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Arms War: Morning Mass ///

The morning workout is a heavy workout, right out of the gates. Before you get to the gym, you need to warm up your body. We're here to get stronger, not injured. Perform some dynamic stretches or light lifts to warm your muscles up. Let your body know who's boss. Dust off your guns and get ready to fire.

In the Arms War, you lift to failure on every exercise. For some lifts, you will go beyond failure and use extended set techniques. If you have a partner, you can push beyond failure with assisted reps. I don't like to lift with a rep count in my head, but you should choose a weight you can lift for 8-12 reps. This will give you a solid target, but you shouldn't stop lifting until you hit failure.

The Arms War workout alternates between biceps and triceps with supersets and giant sets, because these muscles complement each other. You'll get a great pump from the springboard effect of training antagonistic muscle groups. Every action in MFT28 has a purpose; every action produces a specific result.

This is a hard workout, but you can't half-ass it in the gym and expect anything but a half-ass life. Wake up. You have to leave it all in the gym to succeed outside of it. You have to be willing to fail. Be the servant in the weight room, so when you leave, you can become the master.

Schedule. Track. Succeed.

Arms War Morning Workout

Rep target: 8-12 reps
Lift to failure on all exercises
Rest interval: 60-90 seconds

Superset: 3 sets

Plitt's Workout Tips ///

  • Skull-crusher: Scoot your head beyond the bench so your arms can come down
  • Body-up: If you fail too early, pop your body up and do a controlled negative
  • Floor curls: Vary your arm angles to target both heads of the biceps
  • Dumbbell kickbacks: Lock your elbow in position; do not swing
  • Concentration curls: Let your arm hang straight down, then curl it up; do not swing
  • Rest: Rest periods are as imperative as the lifting period

Late in the game, your muscles will fatigue. I like hitting exercises like floor curls because it locks your form in. You don't have to think about form. You can go as hard as you can and the form is locked.

By the time you get to the forearm lifts, you will be fatigued. You've already worked your forearms in many other exercises, but these lifts isolate that muscle group. Forearm strength is imperative for so many other lifts. You always want your muscles to fail, not your grip, so hit your forearms with everything you've got.

You might be exhausted-physically drained, but mentally sharp. You came here with a mission and you achieved that mission. You're still standing, ready for your next endeavor. That's success. If you do it every day, it will turn into a good life.

Get rested. It's back to the trenches tonight.

Evening Arms War ///

Your evening arms workout is built on the same blueprint as your morning session, but the details are radically different. The evening workout is a high-speed, high-rep, low-weight metabolic workout. You tweak the bodyweight lifts and hit the remaining exercises for 20-30 reps.

Don't think about blasting past failure on every set. Focus on good form, keeping your heart rate amped, and moving through the workout as efficiently as possible. After tonight's arms session, you face off against my Abdominal Assault.

Arms War Evening Workout

Rep target: 15-30 reps*
Rest interval: 30-45 seconds

*Note: Because you can't adjust the load on bodyweight exercises, perform reps according to your fitness level. Elevate your heart rate and tax your muscles without reaching failure.

Superset: 3 sets

Abdominal Assault ///

In our world, abdominal muscles are everything. They're the sexy muscles, the ones everybody wants to have. But really, if you look at 100 percent of the people who work out, only 5 percent of those people live with visible abs every day.

I do. I live that way. I have abs every single day. The reason I have them is because of this program I am showing you. I don't have an offseason; that's called unemployment. I want to keep working, so I have to keep my abs. Hit this workout if you want them, too.

MFT28 Abdominal Assault Workout!

Watch The Video - 3:41

Abdominal Assault Circuit

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