Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 26, Legit Legs

Lock, load, and light up your legs one last time with the MFT28 Legit Legs workout.

You're nearly to the finish line of MFT28. The last Legit Legs day stands in your way. Fire up your quads and tackle today's training sessions with everything you've got. It's time to finish this fight. Light up your legs and change your life.

MFT28 Legs Workout!

Watch The Video - 23:00

Legit Legs: Morning Mass ///

Make sure to warm up before you start this workout. You're too legit to quit, but you don't want an injury on your final lifting day. Knock out a set of bodyweight squats or perform some quick cardio, and open up your hips with some light stretching. Your last heavy legs session begins now.

Legit Legs Morning Workout

Legit Legs Evening Workout

Abdominal Power ///

This is your final MFT28 abs workout. Power through and sprint to the finish, if your legs will allow it. Either way, you've earned the right to rest. Finish strong.

MFT28 Abdominal Power Workout!

Watch The Video - 3:28

Abdominal Power Workout

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About The Author

Greg Plitt was a personal trainer and cover model. He appeared on the cover of more than 100 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels.

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Amazing program... Finished, and im drained i think i will take a week off, so tired, but it was amazing.

Mar 21, 2013 10:39am | report
  • Body Stats
  • ht: 5'10"
  • wt: 176.37 lbs
  • bf: 16.0%

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I've done his chest, back, and arms workout so far and it is crazy how sore I am for the following few days. I love it! This is such a nice break from the normal "weight training" I'm used to doing. And being active duty military, I like his program even more because the philosophy with these workouts is very similar to what we do in the USMC. It's awesome man, thank you so much for posting this. You're a HUGE inspiration. Gonna hit this leg routine today.

May 27, 2013 9:46am | report

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this is my last friday of this routine. Legs right now and later followed by abs. I like this routine, but more importantly I like the philosophy behind it.. I didn't follow the exact coordinates, but I still used a lot of the movements in this program. My diet and exercises were different. I pretty much split my routine like this.. Monday and thursday upper body, warm up cardio and abs. Night I would do plitts movements followed by abs. Tuesday and friday lower body warm up plyometrics.. same thing with night session. Legs followed by abs. Wednesdays were usually abs/cardio during day and night full body and abs after every workout in the night.. Saturdays I would do full body, or just hit the abs with a bit of cardio. Greg talks about being a leader, and this is what worked for me. I def never seen my body like this.. hit me up if your interested in knowing what I did.. Thanks Greg

Oct 25, 2013 12:23pm | report

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I am looking at starting this program but my goal is to not only push my body but to also gain muscle and mass. Any recommendations on how to modify the program?

Jan 26, 2015 10:28pm | report
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