Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 2, Back

Construct an unbelievable back with the MFT28 Back Demolition workout. Build thickness, width, endurance, size, and strength. Attack your back.

The back is one of your body's biggest, burliest muscle groups. The MFT28 Back Demolition workout will build back width, strength, and density with an arsenal of intense exercises—pulls, rows, roll-outs, and even swings. You've got two back-building Demolition workouts today, so you'd better be ready to attack your back.

MFT28 Back Workout!

Watch The Video - 30:33

Many of today's exercises are totally different than what you're accustomed to. Watch the video for a full demonstration of the entire Back Demolition workout. I'm going to bombard with you a variety of unique movements. Use them, test them, and find what works.

Back Demolition: Morning Mass ///

Your morning MFT28 workout is always a heavy mass-building session. Before you throw yourself at heavy weights, warm up your body with dynamic stretches, band exercises, or light cardio. Warm-ups prepare your body for heavier loads, get your blood flowing, heat up your muscles, and lubricate your joints.

Remember: The only reps that don't make you grow are the reps you don't do. Finish every set. Target 8-12 reps on most exercises, but take every move to failure. Forget the weight. Replace your ego with maximum effort. Keep your form strict and steady. Good form makes you grow.

Back Demolition Morning Workout

    Rep target: 8-12 reps Lift to failure on all exercises Rest interval: 60-90 seconds

Plitt's Workout Tips ///

  • Pull-up: Don't swing, keep your body in line, and don't let one arm perform more work.
  • Bodyweight mid row: If you're unable to perform this exercise, try a seated row instead. Sledgehammer swing: If your gym doesn't have a tire or sledge, try medicine ball slams.
  • T-bar row: Maintain posture throughout the exercise-do not rock or pull with your arms.
  • Bent-over row: Put the bar on the bench you stand on to achieve greater range of motion.
  • Barbell roll-out: Go to full extension and briefly hold each rep.
  • Shotgun row: Rotate your wrist as you row the weight.
  • Pull-down: Keep arms your arms straight, visualize your lats working, and keep your form locked.
  • London Bridge: Keep your body rigid as you lower and raise it.
  • Chalk: Chalk your hands before the London Bridge. Keep chalk in a plastic bag to limit the mess you make.
  • Dumbbell row: Let the dumbbell hang low to stretch the back and lats; keep your shoulders square to the ground.

The MFT28 Back Demolition workout is probably different than anything you've ever done. That's why it will make you grow. It will change and transform you. MFT28 will make you more than you are today—more than you've ever been. Stay with me for the evening workout, if you're up to the challenge.

Evening Back Demolition ///

Your evening back workout is built on the same blueprint as your morning session, but the details are considerably different. Your evening workout is a high-speed, high-rep, low-weight metabolic workout. You drop the weight, decrease the rest intervals, and increase the reps to train your muscular endurance and energy systems.

Don't worry about taking each and every set to failure. Focus on good form, keep your heart rate elevated, and keep moving. Refer to the video and workout above for an explanation of various training strategies. Follow the workout table below for specific training instructions.

Back Demolition Evening Workout

Abdominal Assault ///

Remember, we train abs every single day during MFT28. To walk around with visible abs each and every day, you need low body fat coupled with a solid training plan. MFT28 will help you torch fat at a blistering pace. This ab workout will help you showcase your hard work.

MFT28 Abdominal Assault Workout!

Watch The Video - 3:41

Because your abdominal muscles are accustomed to constant low-grade stress, the only way to really chisel them is to hit them hard every day for 15-20 minutes. During weeks one and three of MFT28, you perform the Abdominal Assault workout. The Assault is a bodyweight circuit workout. You perform eight exercises, 30 seconds per exercise, with no rest between exercises.

Abdominal Assault Circuit

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