Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 10, Shoulder Shred

The MFT28 Shoulder Shred workout will help you build bolder shoulders with extreme striations. Get ready to win this war.

Today's marching orders include two more hardcore Shoulder Shred workouts. The sessions don't change from last week's workouts, but you should continue to push yourself to failure. Add more reps, increase the weight, or decrease the rest periods to guarantee growth. It's time to smoke your shoulders.

MFT28 Shoulders Workout!

Watch The Video - 19:46

Shoulder Shred: Morning Mass ///

Like every morning workout in MFT28, your first session is all about building mass. Most of the exercises call for a rep range of 8-12, but remember that failure should be your first priority. If you find you can lift more than 12 reps, keep lifting. Lift until the pain says hello.

The Shoulder Shred hits the entire shoulder girdle, including the anterior, middle, and posterior deltoids. It builds mass, deep cuts, muscular endurance, and overall shoulder shape. Record your numbers throughout the workout to beat them next time. Let's grow.

Shoulder Shred Morning Workout

Giant Set: 3 sets

Giant Set: 3 sets

Evening Shoulder Shred ///

Your evening shoulder workout is built on the same blueprint as your morning session, but the details are different. The evening workout is a high-speed, high-rep, low-weight, metabolic workout. You drop the weight per exercise considerably and aim for 20-30 reps. It's time to get cut.

Shoulder Shred Evening Workout

Giant Set: 3 sets of 20-30 reps

Abdominal Power ///

The Abdominal Power workout is built on weighted exercises, designed to carve deep valleys between your abdominal muscles. Implement this 15-20 minute workout at the end of your second resistance workout during the second and fourth weeks of MFT28.

MFT28 Abdominal Power Workout!

Watch The Video - 3:28

Abdominal Power Workout

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