Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 1, Chest Dominance

Today's orders call for two Chest Dominance workouts. Attack your pecs from multiple angles to build thickness, width, definition, and strength. Let's go to war.

Today's marching orders call for two Chest Dominance workouts. In the morning and evening, you will attack your chest from multiple angles to develop your upper, lower, inner, and outer pectorals. You'll hit your pecs with flyes and presses to build thickness, width, definition, and strength. You will go to war to become more.

MFT28 Chest Workout!

Watch The Video - 30:07

I invented many of the Chest Dominance exercises and training strategies myself, so watch the video to see how each movement is performed. You will shock your system and work harder than ever, but you have to walk through the mud if you ever want you reach high ground. Let's push through the mud with a smile on our faces.

Chest Dominance: Morning Mass ///

Your morning workout is a heavy mass-building session. Before you begin, warm up your body with dynamic stretches, band exercises, or light cardio. Warm-ups prepare your body for heavier loads, get your blood flowing, warm your muscles, and lubricate your joints.

When choosing a working weight for your MFT28 workouts, don't let your ego rule your body. MFT28 isn't about the weight, it's about the effort. Pick a challenging weight, but don't go so heavy that you sacrifice form. Choose a weight you can lift for 8-12 reps, and target failure on every exercise.

Perform each rep of every exercise in MFT28 with proper form. Good form begets solid growth. In addition, perform every rep with full range of motion (ROM). Don't do half reps. Full ROM gives you the biggest bang for your buck—the biggest muscle bellies, the best flexibility improvements, and the best overall shape.

Schedule. Track. Succeed.

Chest Dominance Morning Workout

Plitt's Workout Tips ///

  • Push-up ladder: Alternate your hand placement to work the inner and outer chest.
  • Bodyweight flye: Make sure the barbell clips are a little loose, so the weights can roll easily.
  • Dumbbell rack tour: Organize the different dumbbells before you begin, to save time.
  • Incline cable elevators: Keep the bench angle at 30 degrees to target your upper chest.
  • Decline bench: To create a steeper decline, set one end of the bench on a box or weight plate.

Incline Cable Elevator: I named this marathon set the "elevator" because you start on the ground floor and work your way up the stack. By the time you get to the tenth position—10 reps with ridiculously light weight—you're going to be dying, hurting, and struggling. That's where you grow.

Make no mistake, every workout in MFT28 is hard. You have to be willing to fail and fight and fail again. Hard work and perseverance beat genetics and potential every time. If you hit the Chest Dominance workout with everything you've got, no matter how long it takes or how light you have to lift, you're a winner.

You're not in the gym to impress anyone but yourself. Don't worry about what anyone else can do. Worry about what you can do, and work to improve it.

Evening Chest Dominance ///

Your evening chest workout is built on the same blueprint as your morning session, but the details and outcome are radically different. Some of the exercises are simpler, and the total duration of the workout decreases considerably.

Your evening workout isn't meant to build mass. It's a high-speed, high-rep, low-weight metabolic workout. You drop the weight, decrease the rest intervals, and increase the reps to train your muscular endurance and energy systems.

Don't worry about taking each and every set to failure. Focus on good form, keep your heart rate elevated, and keep moving. Refer to the video and workout table above for the explanation of specific training strategies.

Chest Dominance Evening Workout

Abdominal Assault ///

You didn't think you were done, did you? You still have to train abs. In our world, everybody wants visible abdominal muscles. To achieve this, you need low body fat coupled with a solid training plan. I train abs every single day. If you want abs like mine, so should you.

MFT28 Abdominal Assault Workout!

Watch The Video - 3:41

Because your abdominal muscles are accustomed to constant low-grade stress, the only way to grow them is to tax them every single day for 15-20 minutes. During weeks one and three of MFT28, you perform the Abdominal Assault workout. The Assault is a bodyweight circuit workout. You do perform eight exercises, 30 seconds per exercise, with no rest in between.

Abdominal Assault Circuit

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