Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch & His Golden Globe Workout Secrets!

Love Hollywood awards ceremonies? You may have picked up on a few actresses or actors who have a body you'd love. Here's a short, but intense, workout that David recommends.

Golden Globe Workout Secrets

Ever wonder what exactly the stars are doing to get their body's looking so great for the walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes? Are they just genetically blessed or do they know some fitness and diet secret that the rest of us lack?

If you're into watching all those Hollywood awards ceremonies, there's a very high chance that you've picked up on at least a few actresses or actors who have the body type you'd love to sport around yourself.

Some of them are just naturally shaped well, while for most of the others, it's a combination of a smart diet plan and a sound workout program that is performed regularly.

The rumors had it that a large number of the celebs this time around were following workout and diet programs designed by David Kirsch, trainer of the ever popular Heidi Klum.

David Kirsch Has Trained Many Celebrities, Including Heidi Klum.
David Kirsch has trained many celebrities, including Heidi Klum.

When asked about these programs, Kirsch stated that it's definitely possible to obtain the look you're going for in a shorter period of time - in just a few days even, but you have to be focused and be willing to make some sacrifices.

Kirsch puts his celeb clients on a diet that consists of no dairy, wheat, alcohol, or processed sugar or carbs. You might be wondering what's left to eat after all that's cut out.

Instead, they are focused on lean proteins from fish, chicken, and eggs, healthy fats from nuts, and olive oil, along with plenty of fibrous vegetables with the odd piece of fruit thrown in when they need some extra energy or are craving something sweet.

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Diet really is going to make the biggest difference when you're talking short-term results, so it's something that you must focus on and get control over. You can't be saying, "Oh, I'll just have a small portion of that and cut out another food instead," because it's the composition of the foods that's going to play a role in how you look.

Sure, the diet he prescribes is strict, but it works, and works quickly. When the celebs are trying to get red carpet ready in a matter of days, they will do what it takes to be looking their best.

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On the workout side of things, Kirsch often works with them for even just ten minutes, targeting the particular body areas they wish to tighten and define. While ideally he prefers a thirty minute total body circuit training, he also believes that ten minutes can get you good results if you push the body hard and are focused on what you need to be doing.

If you do have the time to perform a full 30-minute workout though, these are the primary exercises he recommends.

The Golden Globe Workout

Oblique Crunches:

To target the side abdominal muscles - the ones that will give you that 'razor sharp' appearance, you want to be performing oblique crunches. These are done while lying on your right side with your knees bent and then crunching straight upwards, while thinking of pulling from the side of the abs.

If you want to up the intensity even more, consider simultaneously bringing the knees up to the chest as well, while you perform the crunch action.

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Oblique Crunches.
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Plie Toe Squats:

To tone the legs, Kirsch prefers a movement called plie toe squats. These will really hit those inner thigh muscles slightly more than regular squats, which is what most female celebs want.

To perform them, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes turned out. From there, squat down and then 'pop' the heels up so you are now supporting the body weight with your toes.

Hold this position for five seconds and then straighten legs and lower heels back down to the floor to complete the rep.

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Plie Toe Squats.
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Stiff-Leg Deadlifts:

Craving J-Lo's bum? If so, stiff-leg deadlifts are the best way to get you there. You are really going to feel these deep within the glute muscle, which is going to help lift the bum and give off that rounded appearance.

To do this movement, stand with a pair of dumbbells on the ground and both legs straight. Next, bend forward at the waist, reaching down to grasp the dumbbells.

From there, grab the dumbbells and then slowly rise up through the waist until the body is in a fully straightened position. Hold for a second and then lower again to place the dumbbells back on the floor to complete the rep.

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Stiff-Leg Deadlifts.
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Push-Ups To A T-Stand:

While you may hate push-ups a great deal, they are one of the best exercises to target the upper body, so if you want results, it's time to start including them.

To perform this, you simply perform a regular push-up as usual, but when coming back up you turn and twist the torso so you are facing the sideways direction.

Lift the arm facing the ceiling and place it straight up to the side of the body. Hold that position for a second and then return back to the push-up position to complete the rep.

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Finally, the last exercise you want to be doing is a plank. The plank is a fantastic movement for really targeting your whole abdominal core.

To perform this, simply place your hands up on the floor while your legs are extended behind you. Keeping the body in straight alignment, tense the abdominals and hold the position for up to one minute in length.

After one set is performed, rest before completing the next one.

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Try and aim to complete three sets of each exercise, performing 10-to-15 reps per set. You can move through the workout in a circuit-style fashion, doing one exercise followed immediately by the next exercise, or you can complete all the sets of one exercise at once, and then progress to the next one.

So, if you're looking to shape up like those celebs you see every year at your favorite awards show, this is definitely a workout to consider.

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