Unleashing Your Power From Within To Create An Unstoppable Mindset!

Getting into the right mindset will transform your body. Here are five fitness goals to accomplish in the next 16 weeks.

I know you want to change your life, to do more. If you didn't, you wouldn't be reading this or embarking on this journey. You're here to become better, to feel good, to look good, and to experience the success you know is possible.

I want to tell you right now that you can obtain it. You deserve it. I want to show you that reaching success isn't just a dream, it's a reality once you develop the proper mindset.

There are so many fitness books, gimmicks and fads. They all contain some "training secret" and promise to build a better body. While some do, one aspect many of these resources have in common is how they approach fitness.

Working On Your Mind

Ninety-nine percent of the information focuses on a purely physical transformation and takes an outside-out approach. They give you a program or provide a diet, and that's it. You're on your own. While many of these programs deliver great results, it's still your responsibility to change your lifestyle and keep it.

On the other hand, taking an inside-out approach towards fitness (and life), working on inner strength and progressing to physical change, creates success that lasts. The mind must be strengthened first, then the body. It's not another fad. It's not a gimmick. There are no secrets. It becomes a lifestyle. The result? Good habits that instill success and achievement.

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Our minds are very powerful devices, and so much of what we can accomplish comes from inner strength. Think about a couple different scenarios.

When most smokers try to "kick the habit," they fail. Why? Because they approach quitting as an exterior or physical process. But, overcoming the cravings and battling against withdrawals are primarily mental and psychological issues. So, wouldn't it make sense to build the inner strength before trying to change one highly addictive aspect of your life? You bet it would!

The same thing applies to becoming fit and changing your body-it begins with developing inner strength so that, when your journey to a better body and life begins, your transformation proceeds in the fastest, most powerful way.

The Placebo Effect

Think about the placebo effect. People have been known to heal themselves physically by taking only sugar pills. They simply believe this "medication" heals their ailment - and it does. Using the power of the mind, they think themselves better. Any successful business person will tell you that the first step to success is mindset. Go in with a determined mindset or fall short.

People consider fitness a purely physical aspect. But, you can't successfully transform your body before transforming your mind. An incredibly strong mental connection exists in fitness, just as it does with every other aspect in life. There's no getting around it. Our thoughts, attitudes and mindset often determine what happens in our lives.

When I have a bad day, things can continually get worse as the day progresses and my attitude declines. On the other hand, when I focus my mindset, come in with a determined attitude, and think about positive outcomes, the result is just that - positive. Nothing stops me. In fact, things start falling in place, almost like coincidences. This is no accident! It's the mind.

When you work out, a mind-body connection is created. The mind centers on the working muscles by intensifying its focus during each successive rep. The same thing happens with the body. When you visualize changing yourself, your body actually begins to change. When you see yourself achieving goals and make up your mind, nothing stops you.

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Getting Into The Mindset

Unfortunately, getting into this mindset is easier said than done. It's the biggest wall to success. But, once done, you will transform your body and take control of your life. One step is to start creating clear-cut, well defined goals.

So many of us, myself included, can start living day by day. We focus on getting by and doing things as they come instead of centering on the future and doing what's necessary to get there.

Creating goals allows our focus to become future-oriented. We can see with precision what we want. Once we start looking towards the uture, success becomes much easier. Knowing what we need to do (or want to do) in the future allows us to create a plan, it gives us direction - a path to success.

Before we go any further, you must write down five fitness goals to accomplish in the next 16 weeks. These goals must meet certain criteria.

Goals Need To Be Specific And Measurable

Creating a general goal such as "I want to lose weight" won't cut it. Instead, phrase the goal as "I will weigh X pounds." Here a specific weight target has been set, and we can measure it quite easily.

When your goal is specific and measurable, you can track your progress and determine if you're on the right path. In addition, specific goals allow you to identify exactly what must be done to succeed. It makes you accountable.

Goals Must Have A Deadline

The above goal is not complete yet. "I will weigh X pounds in the next two months" solidifies your goal. Deadlines are important because humans respond better under pressure and, if your goal has a certain timeframe, there's pressure to get it done. People procrastinate. Setting a deadline helps ensure completion of our goals.

Goals Must Be Positive

Notice the goal isn't about losing weight; it's about weighing a certain amount. Psychologically, we don't want to lose or give up things because losing has a negative connotation. When we use a positive voice in creating goals, we accomplish them much easier.

Goals Must Be Realistic

Realistic goals are a crucial part of creating your success. If they are not realistic, you will be far less likely to achieve them. Additionally, unrealistic goals can also be unhealthy. A goal of losing 20 pounds each week is both unrealistic and unhealthy.

Goals Must Be In Present Tense

Putting your goals in present tense makes them more powerful. All of a sudden, the goal becomes framed as a reality. It's not something off in the future, it's here - you've achieved it.

Our goal "I will weigh X pounds in the next two months" transforms into "I weigh X pounds on Y date." Using present tense creates a feeling - the feeling that is present when you actually achieve your goal. And this allows the mind to conceive and achieve the goal.

The Power Of Goals

I sat down with an ex-bodybuilder the summer before I started college. He asked what I hoped to achieve. After thinking for several minutes, I replied, "I want to weigh 180 pounds without gaining any fat." He said it would take three to four years to make that change (a gain of 35 pounds of pure muscle).

Four years later, I decided to weigh myself after a workout. I had forgotten about this talk until I stood on the scale and weighed 180 pounds. All of a sudden, I realized what I had done. I had created a vision that was so specific and solid, so clear and defined, that my mind found a way to achieve it - to figure out how to get what I wanted.

Writing your five goals is crucial for success. Our brains have what's called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This system searches for our wants and desires. It finds ways to achieve them. Whatever you focus on actually expands in the brain and the RAS figures out ways to reach the goal.

If you don't know or haven't identified what you want, it's much more difficult to achieve success. Likewise, if you focus on what you don't want, that's where you go. This is also known as the Law of Attraction and believe me, it's one powerful force.

Writing down your goals solidifies your purpose and creates a future vision and destination. Knowing what you need to accomplish to find success - not just why - creates an even greater force. But you're still not done.

You must look at your goals before bed, first thing in the morning, and every time you have an urge to give up. The more you look at your goals, the more impact they will have. You will constantly stimulate the RAS and keep yourself motivated.

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