Get Ready For Summer Super Feature

Welcome to the Get Ready For Summer Super Feature. Inside we will give you all the tools to find your motivation to tone-up for summer and get that beach-ready body you've always wanted!

Each year it seems like we come out of winter hibernation with a few extra pounds to shed or some extra bodyfat percentages to drop. Start early so you'll have enough time to get into rock-solid, beach-ready shape for some great summer fun and sunshine!

Follow The Tips Below To Get Your Beach Body This Summer.

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    Summer Fat Loss Nutrition

You are what you eat. If your diet isn't mapped correctly to shape you up this summer, you will be achieving your fat loss and muscle gaining goals as you open your Christmas gifts. Check out our deliciously fresh summer/BBQ recipes and eating plans, and watch your body transform without depriving your tingling taste buds.

Summer Nutrition

Nutrition Basics
Summer Nutrition
Diet 101 Diet 101.
A person's diet is the number one key to achieving their fitness program goals.
Having A Healthy BBQ! Having A Healthy BBQ!
Here are some of the big things to consider this summer while barbequing.

Healthy Recipes
10 Fresh Summer Recipes! 10 Summer Recipes!
Here are ten fresh summer recipes to get you started. Try them this summer!
Make Your Camping Experience Healthy! Healthy Camping!
Here are ten methods you can use to make your camping experience much healthier.
BodySpace User Recipes
BodySpace User Recipes
recipes for those who diet a lot Recipes For Dieters.
Baked Chicken Stuffed Eggplant, Stir-fried Asparagus, Noodle-less Lasagna.
Cowboy Gene's Recipes Cowboy Gene's Recipes.
High Protein, Low Carb, Fat Free Cheesecake Filling.
Who's Hungry? More Recipes Who's Hungry? More Recipes.
Sweet Potato Pancakes, Chicken and Artichoke Hearts, Green Bean Salad.
Post-Workout Carbs. Tomcat1066's Recipes.
Tom's Chicken Ranch Wrap, Tom's Oven-Fried Chicken.

     Summer Fat Loss Training

Rev up your metabolism, manifest muscle, and tone up to make this your best shapely summer ever. Our professional training programs, fun outdoor activities and awesome exercises will sculpt you into shaved granite making you a sweet sight for the summer.

Summer Training

Summer Workouts
Enjoy Summer Workout. Enjoy Summer Workout.
A simple outside workout with your own bodyweight and a set of dumbbells.
Cardios Next Level! Cardio's Next Level!
Get ready to take your training up a notch with this summer-time workout.

Get That Six Pack
Build Your Arms
Steps To Easy Abs! Steps To Easy Abs!
Everyone wants to know how to get abs that look like a washboard.
Building Huge Arms. Building Huge Arms.
This comprehensive listing features workouts, anatomy of the arm and much more.

Take Advantage Of The Warmer Weather And Perform Your Cardio Outside.

    Summer Fat Loss Supplements

Summer has arrived so you know you need results and you need them NOW! By adding our carefully crafted supplements to your summer shape-up stack will give you the results you crave as fast as you can say "surfs up." Our refreshing meal replacement shakes, fat loss incinerators, and water cutting combinations will reduce your "urgency" to "easy."

Summer Supplements

Fat Loss Supplements
Muscle Gain Supplements
7 Fat-Busting Supps! 7 Fat-Busting Supps!
Here are some of the big ingredients to look for when choosing a fat burner.
Build Muscle Feature Build Muscle Feature.
Your all-in-one guide to build more muscle! What do you need?
BodySpace User Supplements
BodySpace User Supplements
liGymRat liGymRat
Goal: "It's grow time baby!"
Supplement: Purple Wraath
JaquelynRoberts JaquelynRoberts
Goal: "Someone, somewhere is always training harder..."
Supplement: Thermo Cuts
str8flexed str8flexed
Goal: "10 weeks away from my next meet!"
Supplement: Xtend
josephinedalton josephinedalton
Goal: "To win the Bikini Category..."
Supplement: Power Green Pro

    Summer Motivation

Motivational Articles

Beginning Motivation
Long Term Motivation
Launch Your Motivation! Launch Your Motivation!
Here are ten baby steps to help you on your road to a healthier life. Try them now!
Achieve Your Dream Body. Achieve Your Dream.
If you make healthy eating choices and exercise your dream body can be a reality.
Motivational BodyBlogs
Motivational BodyBlogs
Pump Hard... Pump Often Pump Hard... Pump Often
"I've had such a mind transformation this weekend concerning fitness."
Mirror Motivation Mirror Motivation.
"I saw my reflection in the mirror in the locker room and was instantly motivated!"
The Choices We Make The Choices We Make
"This post is not about weightlifting... It is about the choices we make in our lives."
Summer Training Summer Training
"My trainning has been more intense than ever. I've really been working on my leg size."



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    Summer Merchandise / Products

Now that we have your inside-and-out health taken care of, let's look after the canvas that houses your new work of art. Our specially designed skincare products and tanning lotions will keep your skin looking as young as your body. Your healthy glow doesn't have to come at the price that prolonged sun exposure provides, and as the sun sets, you can continue to feel confident with our stylish cool clothing.

Fat Loss

These products will help you get the results you've always wanted - lean and shredded.

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Get a natural looking tan for whatever tone you want to achieve without frying yourself under the sun! Look good on the beach, or be impressive at your bodybuilding competition.

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Skin Care

Take care of your skin with these great stretchmark creams, moisturizers, wrinkle creams, and pretan scrubs. You'll be glad you did!

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Show off all your hard work!