Kris Gethin Podcast Interview:'s New Editor-In-Chief!

Dan Gastelu interviews WNSO Pro Natural Bodybuilder Kris Gethin! In this audio interview, listen in as Dan and Kris talk shop about, writing articles, and photographing the industry!

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Welcome to Interview # 25 in the Awesome Muscles™ Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with WNSO-ANB Champion Kris Gethin in this podcast interview!

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In this exclusive audio interview, Dan catches up with Kris Gethin, runner-up at the 2006 FAME World Championships, Editor-In-Chief of's websites, natural bodybuilder, author, sports photographer, and more! Find out what Kris has been up to and what his plans are for the future!

Listen in as Kris talks about his international background in the sport and publishing business of bodybuilding, including being an editor for Flex Magazine. He discusses the vast content contained on developed by a legion of 500 writers, cranking out about 46 new articles per week, attracting over 250,000 visitors per day... several million a month. During this exclusive interview, Kris even reveals some of's future content growth plans, including international sections.

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Kris Gethin Posing In Downtown Toronto.

Then Kris goes on talking about his insider tips on crafting an article for submission to for publication, his favorite content on, his thoughts about the very popular BodySpace, expanding interviews to all types of athletes, and what they do to be their absolute best in terms of training and nutrition, in addition to primary commitment for increasing the "hardcore bodybuilding" content.

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The interview then takes a turn to various bodybuilding-related topics, including Kris' big picture view of the bodybuilding lifestyle, and its benefits for all types and ages of people. He also shares some of his experiences from Olympia 2007, including a glimpse of what it is like backstage.

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Kris Gethin Photo Shoot.

Then for people interested in looking their best in photos, Kris reveals insights as a professional bodybuilding photographer about how to fine-tune your photograph-appeal look. Learn ideas on what photos you should include in your personal pictorial portfolio, and how to make a positive impression with your online photos that will appeal more to the trained professionals working for magazines looking for up and coming new talent.

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