Kris Gethin's 2008 Iron Man Review

I couldn't complain too much with any of the final decisions, and in all, the judges did very well, getting the crowds approval on most occasions. Here are the top ten.

The finals proved to be quite a shock for most, as the athletes were jumbled up as much as a lottery from the earlier prejudging. Most notable was the switch of placing between Silvio from top three into fourth.

Silvio was obviously quite emotional with the decision as he seemed to be very upset backstage with reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler comforting him. I couldn't complain too much with any of the final decisions, and in all, the judges did a very well, getting the crowds approval on most occasions. Here are the top ten.

2008 Iron Man Finals Replay.

dot 1st Phil Heath dot

    The dictionary's new word for bodybuilding has to be changed to Phil Heath. Just when we thought he couldn't look any better, his added tan and oil only accentuated this awesome physique which soon will be hard to find spoils.

Phil Heath Phil Heath
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Phil Heath.

    His once overpowering arms were treated like a B rated movie due to the fact that his now massive legs take over the new blockbuster role at the box office. I see a new direction in bodybuilding with Phil, and that future looks very, very bright

dot 2nd Gustavo Badell dot

    Posing to what seemed to be a tribute to his new sponsors, Weider, Gustavo brought the house down to his adoring fans with the jingles of Puerto Rican as his backdrop. Looking notably tighter this evening, his symmetry looked better as his condition improved to display zipper like oblique's.

Gustavo Badell Gustavo Badell
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Gustavo Badell.

    Always paying attention to detail such as tan, hair, posing and presentation, Gustavo is a true professional on stage which all adds up to his continued run of podium finishes.

dot 3rd Moe El Moussawi dot

    Moe had the best placing to date and I am sure he will improve on this, but as far as condition goes I couldn't see much at fault. His back will reap the awards of added thickness, especially when compared to someone who wants to expose such small flaws.

Moe El Moussawi Moe El Moussawi
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Moe El Moussawi.

    I personally would've given this placing to Silvio but I have no problem seeing Mo represent the great country of New Zealand at the Olympia.

dot 4th Silvio Samuel dot

    At closer inspection I can say that Silvio still needs to work on his lat width to give more of a complete package from the front. Although his back is much improved, this is far from apparent in the front double bicep shot.

Silvio Samuel Silvio Samuel
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Silvio Samuel.

    His posing is also much improved but still needs to be addressed as he tends to bend at the knees way too much when striking a front lat spread.

dot 5th Johnnie Jackson dot

    I think his positioning was gift wrapped, but this is only because most other potential athletes were off as well. We have seen Johnnie look much better which I hope we will all be treated to at the Arnold classic after JOJ gets on the treadmill and burns off his winter coat.

Johnnie Jackson Johnnie Jackson
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Johnnie Jackson.

dot 6th Desmond Miller dot

    If Desmond could bring his lats up to match the huge sweep on his thighs then it may take attention away from his waist which seems to stop the flow from one body part to another much like a naked Rosie McDonald does to ones sexual fantasy.

Desmond Miller Desmond Miller
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Desmond Miller.

    His huge array of body parts can't be denied, but I do wish he had taken the opportunity to cash in on his Olympia qualification last year as I am not so sure he will have a chance in 08.

dot 7th Eddie Abbew dot

    The British nurse is one big mofo and he seems to increase muscle evolution at a consistent pace as of late, which is quite surprising since he has been around the block more than once. I only wish that Eddie could've worked on his posing more to display the great shape he imported to the US shores.

Eddie Abbew Eddie Abbew
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Eddie Abbew.

dot 8th Toney Freeman dot

    This was another athlete who had tightened up since the earlier prejudge but as the story goes, "too little, too late. Freeman's muscles aren't as young as they used to be and his long muscle bellies don't have the fullness they need to carry a soft spot for condition.

Toney Freeman Toney Freeman
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Toney Freeman.

dot 9th Troy Alves dot

    The modern day Frank Zane posed slow and gracefully to the sounds of soul. A distinctive flow and lines to his shape riddle his physique which could receive a huge bonus only if he had been doing a little more shopping in the size department over the past offseason.

Troy Alves Troy Alves
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Troy Alves.

    Apart from the soft glutes and hams I believe his back thickness could be improved if judges are looking for another reason to misplace him.

dot 10th King Kamali dot

    I was quite shocked at this result. King did look a little tighter in the finals than he did at the prejudging, and maybe this was enough to sway the judges towards his top 10 placement. Not much more to say except we have yet to see him deliver on his promise for the past seven years.

King Kamali King Kamali
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King Kamali.