Cory Gregory's Get Swole: Phase Four, Detail Phase Overview

The fourth and final phase of Get Swole increases your workout frequency, cuts calories, and helps you reveal the mass you've been building for 12 weeks. Finish strong and live swole.

After 12 weeks of a solid clean bulk, you should be happy with the gains you've made across strength, size, and muscular endurance. Of course, you probably want to be shredded and carry a substantial amount of size, and that's what the Detail Phase delivers.

This phase is a throwback to the golden years of bodybuilding, dominated by guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Phase Four incorporates a classic double split workout template. I used Arnold's own routine as a foundation for the Detail Phase. It consists of six days per week of training, instead of the four you're used to. You'll be using supersets to hit each muscle group twice per week.

Get Swole: Phase Four

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We also reduce your calories in this phase, so you may feel more fatigued. Push through it, because we are going to show off the awesome gains you made in the previous phases. Uncover those cuts now. You're at the finish line, so push as hard as you possibly can. You should clearly drop body fat in these final four weeks. Get out your chisel and get to work.

Phase Four Training Overview

Your training style here revolves around classic bodybuilding splits. You hit body groups twice per week with heavy weight and low rest. Keep that intensity up. The Detail Phase includes advanced workouts, but you're ready. You've had 12 weeks to prepare.

I am going to introduce you to some new concepts in Phase Four. One comes on arm day, and is something I like to call the arm gauntlet. The gauntlet is essentially a massive giant set of arms exercises that will absolutely torch your biceps and triceps. It delivers an unbelievable pump, and you'll feel absolutely enormous afterward.

Another interesting thing about the Detail Phase: It doesn't include any shoulder workouts. People get a little crazy about this, but you train your chest and back so much that I let your shoulders take a little rest from direct work. You can go right back to them when Get Swole is over, and you'll thank me for putting less wear and tear on your shoulder joints.

Finally, Get Swole provides two different workouts on each Detail Phase training day. You get to choose the workout each day. The power is in your hands. You may choose to perform the same chest and back workout twice per week, or you can knock out two different workouts each week. Mix it up to keep your cut strong. The workout options are listed on every training day so you'll always be prepared.

Phase Four Nutrition Overview

In this phase, Dr. Mike Kim and I have increased the fat content and reduced the carb content so you can uncover that striated muscle you've forged over the last 12 weeks. Because the quantity is slightly reduced, you need to hit each and every meal. Make sure the quality of food is as stated.

Because the Detail Phase nutrition plan drops your carbs and replaces many of those calories with fat, you may feel your energy drop at the beginning of the Phase. Your body will adapt quickly and become a fat-burning machine, so don't worry if you experience this temporary sensation.

Your carbohydrates should come mainly from your initial meal of the day and from vegetables. You basically eat a low-carb diet throughout the Detail Phase to make your body utilize fat for energy. Since we've ramped up carbs slightly over the last 12 weeks, depleting them now will prime your body to use fat as fuel.

If you don't pay proper attention to the nutrition, you're going to lose the gains you made in the past 12 weeks. You still eat six meals per day in three-hour increments, starting one hour after you wake up, but you cut down on the Combat Powder and eat more whole meals.

Detail Phase Sample Meal Plan ///

Morning Supplements
Meal One
Meal Two
Midday Supplements
Meal Three
Meal Four

    Ex. Time: 4:00 p.m
    Choose from food list:

  • fats


    1 cup

Meal Five

    Ex. Time: 7:00 p.m
    Choose from food list:

  • meat


    8 oz

  • Vegetables


    2 cups

    Broccoli cooked in Olive Oil
Meal Six

Phase Four Supplementation Overview

The supplements in the Detail Phase change slightly. We add some and take others away. Add Shred Matrix twice per day to optimize fat loss, and add some morning BCAAs to provide calorie-free recovery. You will now only take Combat Powder once, as your last meal of each day. Replace the other two shakes with whole meals, as shown above.

Detail Phase Supplements ///

Meal 2: None
Meal 4: None
Meal 5: None

These supplement adjustments optimize fat loss and help you retain muscle mass. We want to uncover the muscle you've built over the last 12 weeks. You'll leave the Detail Phase bigger, stronger, and more cut than when you started Get Swole. After four more weeks, you'll be cut and jacked. You'll be living swole.

Phase Four

Day 85
Chest & Back
Day 86
Day 87
Day 88
Chest & Back
Day 89
Day 90
Day 91
Day 92
Chest & Back
Day 93
Day 94
Day 95
Chest & Back
Day 96
Day 97
Day 98
Day 99
Chest & Back
Day 100
Day 101
Day 102
Chest & Back
Day 103
Day 104
Day 105
Day 106
Chest & Back
Day 107
Day 108
Day 109
Chest & Back
Day 110
Day 111
Day 112

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