Get Swole: Cory Gregory's 16-Week Muscle Building Trainer - Day 1

Get Swole starts with a superset bang. Hit your chest and back from multiple angles to build some serious size.

You'd better be ready to get swole, because the Foundation Phase starts with a chest and back superset bang. Since this is your first Get Swole workout, it's imperative that you record how much you lift and how many reps you hit for each and every exercise. You'll use these numbers as a baseline for continued improvement across the program.

Don't rest between two exercises paired together as a superset, and even when you've finished both exercises, keep your rest periods to a minimum. The goal is to go heavy, hard, and fast. Rest long enough to recover your strength, but refrain from chatting with "Bobby Bench Press" between every set.

This workout calls for a hefty amount of pull-ups. If you're not strong enough to hit bodyweight pull-ups for multiple sets, jump on an assisted pull-up machine, have spotter a hold up your legs, or use bands to support your weight at the bottom of each rep.

Phase 1: Chest/Back

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