Get Ripped, Stay Big: 365 Circuit Trainer With Julien Greaux

Cover Model and Pro Martial Artist Julien Greaux is ready to bust your fitness wide open, showing you how he stays BIG and RIPPED - 365 days a year.

"I believe you should train your whole body every day." – Julien Greaux

Julien Greaux's 365 Circuit Trainer Overview
Watch The Video - 3:29

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365 Circuit Trainer Workouts

Day 1: 10-Exercise Full Body Circuit

Day 2: 3-Exercise Circuit

Day 3: Julien's Circuit Training Diet Plan

Day 4: 6-Exercise Ab Circuit

Day 5: 6-Exercise Upper Body Circuit

Training Aid: Workout Calendar

Workout Plan Reminder Calendar

Use this training aid to help plan and remind you of the details in this unique 5-day workout plan. Downloadable image courtesy of BSN.