Best Of The Forums: September 18th, 2005.

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Workout Log Of The Week

Evolution Of My Rear Double Bi

This week, the workout log is going to be a bit different. Normally I choose a workout log that is very detailed and includes workout schedule and diet. This week, I decided it'd be fun to choose a thread that had before, during, and after pictures.

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ezraak's Rear Double Bi.

'ezraak' takes this one of a kind title with his rear double bicep evolution. I think it's a pretty cool way to show change in muscle and if you see any more threads like this, be sure to bring them to my attention. Nevertheless, here it is.

Question Of The Week

Genetics, Race & Testosterone Levels

Some people are just not meant to pack on muscle easily. Usually, diet aside, it all boils down to genetics. Some people are gifted with great genes and can hit the gym moderately and still gain like monsters.

Maximizing Your Genetics!
We demand physiques for health, wellness, longevity, and yes, creating and maintaining an attractive body. So, how can we maximize our genetics to speed up those results?
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This week, 'crazylucci' asks us why it is that African-Americans seem to have that build that most people want - lean and muscular. Is it genes? Is it lifestyle? The thread can be found here and there are a lot of great responses to the question so go on and check it out.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

The Worst Movie You Have EVER Seen?

Occasionally I like to throw in a thread that has nothing to do with bodybuilding or fitness. This time around, it's the funniest thread of the week. Watching motion pictures is one of America's favorite pastimes.

We have all seen our fair share of really good moves that we call our favorites. However, what about those movies that absolutely sucked ass? Can you name your least favorite movie that really stunk up the theatre?

The Razzies
Some movies suck so bad they just need a special award for the distinction. Thus we have The Razzies. What E-online calls "the foremost authority on all things that suck on the big screen."

Well today's your lucky day! You can go on a rant here and tell the entire message board how sh!tty such-and-such a movie was. Thank you '_Bladen_' for starting the thread.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Fruity Wheys!

With technology growing and new supplement making processes and techniques are being put into effect, you'd think that it wouldn't be a difficult task to get a decent fruit flavored protein powder.

However, to the dismay of many people, it's hard to get your hands on a financially economic fruit flavored. This week's best supplement thread is devoted to help in the search for a good whey that isn't chocolate or vanilla - because as we all know, everyone is sick of those flavors.

'JakeTech' started the thread because he wants something fresh and new. Many members have contributed and have definately helped out a lot of people looking to change the 'whey' they supplement.

Check out the thread here.

Test Of The Week

Real World Glutamine Test

Okay, so this new best thread heading is weird but this thread that I found deserves to go somewhere. Anyway, as we all know, glutamine has mixed reviews - some say its great for muscle recovery, others say it's a waste of money.

This week, I'd like to introduce you to a test that 'PSKlifter' has designed to test the validity of glutamine supplementation. The results will come slowly but surely but I think it's worthwhile.

Glutamine: The Pinnacle Of Supplements?
Delve into the research on glutamine and try to determine exactly why many bodybuilders rate its efficacy so highly.
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Check out the thread here and follow along with the results to find the answer to one of the most controversial topics in supplements.

Motivational Thread Of The Week

The 48 Rules Of Power, Power To The Best In Everything

Every once in a while, we all lose sight of our goal, even if its for a very short while. In the world of fitness, that is something that we just can't allow to happen.

Like it or not, it does, though, and with my occasional motivational thread selection, I hope to help out everyone from getting off track, even if it's for that short little while.

So, this week I give you the 48 Rules of Power. It's actually the link in the thread that deserves the credit, but I'd like to thank 'Way_2_Skinny!' for posting it anyway.

Poll Of The Week

What Do U Do To Relax After A Hard Day

Bodybuilding is a lot of work but the results are more than worth the effort put in. It's great to relax, though, after a day at the office, followed by more running around town doing whatever it is that you do.

What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day? Lounge on the couch? Take a nap? Go for a swim in the pool? The thread was started by 'BodyofSomething' and can be located here. Check it out and let others know what your secrets are to unwind.