Best Of The Forums: September 3rd, 2006.

This week we have topics about vomit inducing supplements, glycocyamine, cottage cheese, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

Question Of The Week

Worst 'Tasting' Supplement You've Ever Used?

Everyone is always looking for the best-tasting protein, best-tasting meal replacement, best-tasting creatine proprietary blend, etc. Most threads that are posted are people looking for a new protein or whatever to try that tastes good. Not often will you find a thread devoted solely to the grossest supplements in the industry - at least on one with so many replies!

People vomiting.
Let's Face It: Some Products Taste Nasty!

This thread is all about the nastiest, most vomit-inducing formulas that our board members have ever had. This is a great thread to check out in order to learn which products to avoid rather than which products to try. 'AGS' can be thanked for this one as its definitely one for the books!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Muscle Milk Side Effects (Glycocyamine)

Not often do I choose threads that are very science-based, but I am going to start doing just that. I, personally, like the science (specifically biochemistry) behind supplements.

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It's really easy to get fooled into thinking a product is avant-garde, when really it's just a certain molecule given a fancy new name. Anyway, this thread is about a particular molecule called glycocyamine (not glucosamine). If you're not sure what that is, take a few minutes and do a little reading...

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This thread is a great read, especially if you're currently supplementing with CytoSport Muscle Milk. There is some information in here about glycocyamine and how it is processed in your body.

two cents 'ho_124' is the starter of this thread and a lot of members have added their two cents about the topic - so should you.

Workout Journal Of The Week

Ice's Journal

Every week, I am forced to pick the best workout journal... and every week, of all the other BOF threads, this one takes me by far the longest to do.

People start these workout threads so that they have a place to discuss their workouts and so they have a place where other members can critique. Knowing that other people are reading your thread gives you all the more motivation to keep it updated and go to the gym regularly.

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This week's best workout log goes to 'hotasice2003' who started this log just over 6 months ago - on what happens to be my birthday (February 28th - please send all cards, cash, & booze for then please!) - and has been updating it on a regular basis. Great progress has been made in this detailed and easy to follow journal, so make sure you take a look!

Funny Thread Of The Week

Create Your Own Motivational Poster

Alright, I'm going to make this one short because I want to go back and read some more of this thread. This week's (and perhaps this year's) funniest thread goes to 'Create Your Own Motivational Poster' by 'HyDr8'.

+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Motivational AND Funny...

I'm actually crying in front of my computer simply from reading some of these motivational posters that'ers have created. Thank you to all who took the time to make a poster and for making it so funny. Please check this one out - I promise you will laugh your @ss off!

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

The Cottage Cheese Thread To End All Cottage Cheese

Every week there are dozens of questions about the all mighty cottage cheese. Questions such as, 'Is it good for bedtime?' and 'How much is too much?' are among the more popular. I personally think that cottage cheese is one of the best all-around foods. I munch on cottage cheese all day long and love it - small curd, large curd, and even the infamous curds and whey!

A Tasty Bowl Of Fat-Free
Cottage Cheese.

This thread, by BodySpace hottie 'asianbabe', is a panorama of information ranging from 'what it is exactly,' to 'why it's good for you,' to 'which brand to buy'. All the best threads about cottage cheese are selected into this one super-thread. There is a lot of positive feedback about this one, and for good reason - so check it out, and start eating that cottage cheese (in case you aren't already)!

Recipe Of The Week

Post Your Favorite Cottage Cheese Recipes

So, this week's recipe thread is a bit different. First of all, the thread has more than one recipe (sweet!) and second, all of the recipes in this thread are with cottage cheese - which makes this the ultimate thread, since cottage cheese is the perfect food (and obviously a theme this week)!

Recipe Of The Week: Cottage Cheese Pancakes! Recipe Of The Week: Cottage Cheese Pancakes!
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I'm going to thank 'Mercurix' for starting this thread, but I'd also like to thank everyone else that shared their favorite cottage cheese-based foods. Reading all of these recipes is making me hungry, so I'm done for now. See you next week!