Best Of The Forums: September 19th, 2007.

This week we have topics about a speed eating contest, peanut butter, tattoos, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

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Contest Of The Week
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-> Controlled Labs Black Hole and Taco Bell Taco Eating Contest Winners:

Ever sit back after a meal and say to yourself 'Wow, I ate that pretty fast!" Or has you mom ever said to you, 'Son, stop eating so fast! Your food isn't going anywhere!" Well now is your chance to put that hidden skill to good use!

Controlled Labs has set up yet another speed eating contest. This time the challenge is Taco Bell hard shell tacos. This one isn't easy (I know because I tried it) and not just for the reason that the shell is jagged and can cut you like a hot knife does butter. Some of the vets to these competitions are finding the tacos to be a real challenge.

Dedicatedforlif Eats 9 Tacos In Under 2 Minutes!

Think you've got what it takes to eat your way to victory? Check out the thread and put your gullet to the test! This is your chance to win some free supplements from Controlled labs or some pretty sweet CL merchandise.

    View Controlled Labs Products Sorted By Top Sellers Here.

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Discussion Of The Week
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-> I Like MuscleTech Products!

There is a company that many people dislike. Ever since I've stepped into the bodybuilding scene, I have heard people complain about this one specific company over and over again. The members of the forum don't hate this company because of the products they put on the shelves but because of the prices they put on their products.

Some of their formulas are pretty good and if not for the inflated price tag, I don't think there would be so many haters. In this thread, 'Fisher33' finally takes a stand and expresses his true feelings about this often misunderstood company. Check it out and add your two cents. You might end up changing your opinion about the company, after all.

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Nutrition Thread Of The Week
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-> Peanut Butter??

For this weeks nutrition thread, I'd like to present to you a certain food that a lot of people overlook because of some bad connotations. Peanut butter can be a extremely effective food for people like us if used properly and researched properly. Not every peanut butter is as good as the next and it's important to select a peanut butter that has as little artificial ingredients as possible.

Here is a quick guide to selecting a peanut butter that will aid in your fitness goals and not hinder them. Check it out and see what advice fellow members offer 'Gereth1979'in his search for the perfect peanut butter!

Power Butter Presents:
Power Butter

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Argument Thread Of The Week
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-> Tattoos, Bad Bad Idea:

Over the last decade, tattoos have gone from taboo to the mainstream. To be honest, I only know a handful of people now that don't have a tattoo somewhere. The thing about tattoos is that you have to know what to get so that 5 years (or one day) down the road, you don't look at it and say 'Oh sh!t.'

This week's argument is brought to you by 'abuwat' who takes the 'don't get a tattoo' side of the coin. It's really a matter of preference, if you ask me, but check out his thread and share you thoughts and comments on this controversial topic. Happy Inking!

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00maro00's Tattoo.

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Workout Log Of The Week
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-> Knowles.ja's 5x5 journal **No Hippies Allowed**

I say this way too often but I think it's important to note that every week I go through dozens of amazing workout logs and can unfortunately only select one to make this list. This week I've chosen 'knowles.ja's 5x5 log. He's been keeping his log for a very long time and is dedicated to bettering himself.

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His updates are frequent, detailed, and he answers questions that subscribers have. There is a lot of great information that can be found here for those of you looking to start your own log and need some help or motivation. Check it out and show him some love for keeping on top of it!

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Opinion Of The Week
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-> Why Is Everyone Using AAS (PH's/PS) So Young? Lack Of Education? RANT!

I have come across this more and more and it's really starting to get to me. 'J2jud' also noticed this increase in posts and I'm glad that he said something. There have been an alarming number of young people deciding to use pro-hormones at an age that is dangerous to their development. It's time that there was a discussion on this topic because it's sad that people in their physical prime are turning to these types of compounds long before they should.

This is an important thread for anyone and everyone to read because I'm sure you all know someone that has contemplated using pro-hormones at some point in their lives. Check it out here and let everyone know what you think.