The Best Of The Forums: November 27th, 2005.

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Stupid Kid Of The Week

Superdrol/Phera 4 17y/o

We have another one - a stupid kid that wants to mess with his body. 'KTITAN54' thinks it's a good idea to take Superdrol at 17 years old. Bad idea? Hell yeah. I can't talk him out of it by myself, and from the looks of it, no one can. You can sponsor this child for less than a dollar a day.

Simply pick up the phone and call 1-800-DUMB-KID. All it takes is one phone call. Will you find it in your heart to save this child? Alright, so this organization doesn't actually exist, but for crying out loud! Help me talk some sense into this kid. Here is where you will find this lost child.

Random Thread Of The Week

KRZNA, "2005 Board Representative Of The Year"!

Here at, there are lots of forum members that go above and beyond everyday forum help. These are the people that get thanked day in and day out for the help they offer just about everybody. This year, we recognize 'KRZNA' as the 2005 Board Representative.

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KRZNA, 2005 Board Representative.

Considering there are hundreds of thousands of members, this is a huge honor. He has been featured on the best of the forums several times now for his informative threads and unsurpassed aid. His congratulatory thread can be found here and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, should really thank him for all of the great work he does around here. Congrats big guy!

Question Of The Week

Why White Blood Only Before Workout?

Nitric Oxide products are literally flying off of the shelves. They are gaining popularity just like I'm gaining weight - at a respectable pace. *Sigh*

So this week, we have a question from a fairly new member, 'Outback,' regarding the dosing of a nitric oxide product, specifically Controlled Labs' White Blood (which if I may say, is fantastic). Why is it that you only have to take White Blood once a day, when other NO products require up to 3 doses each day?

Controlled Labs' White Blood
White Blood is the most complete nitric oxide and transport enhancing formula around. It uses ethyl ester technology to enhance the delivery of the two key ingredients, arginine ethyl ester di-hcl (AEE) and ornithine ethyl ester di-hcl (OEE).
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Well, some of the other members try to answer this question for him and I think it's a great question to ask and an even better one to have answered. The thread can be found here and I suggest that you all at least take a quick gander at this one - especially if you're taking an NO product.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

For Poor Bodybuilders

So you say you're broke? And you're out of food? AND supplements? Well fear not! Your answer is here. Well, it's not necessarily the answer to all of those problems because you can't buy anything without any money.

Anyways, our boy 'orzonus' is in a bit of a conundrum - he has $50 and his life, what should he eat? He's fresh out of supplements and is a college student. There are some great, ageless suggestions given in the thread, so if you're at all in the same boat, this thread just might save you... until tomorrow.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Anabolic Xtreme Presents: ErgoMax LMG

The supplement company Anabolic Xtreme has gotten some great reviews this year, and for good reason. Lots of people I have come across love their products and swear by them. This week's supplement thread of the week is one regarding Anabolic Xtreme's Ergomax LMG.

Gain Cycle Kit
The Gain Box Set includes ErgoMAX LMG, Prostanozol, and a FREE bottle of Perfect Cycle. These products are designed to work together to supplement the body's hormonal environment in favor of gaining lean mass tissue (Anabolic State).

There are also come questions in this thread regarding the formula is versus what it is supposed to be, and so on. Check out the thread here for some quick tips on AX brought to you in part by the thread starter, 'AlbinoGerbil.'

Christmas Thread Of The Week

Bodybuilding Christmas List

For the next couple weeks I may implement a Christmas thread here or there to celebrate my favorite holiday. All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth. Come to think of it, all I want for Christmas is about 20 pounds of lean muscle. What, don't think I can do it? Bah.

Well what do YOU want for Christmas? I guess I would settle for a 10lb bag of whey and some fish oil. This is your time to shine. I am Santa Clause and you are a little child. Tell me what you want for Christmas. Actually, in this case 'MCWTRAINER' is Santa because he's the one that asked the question.

Holiday Gift Guide
Are you looking for a great gift for a friend or family member who bodybuilds or is thinking of starting? Well look no further!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

There are a lot of interesting lists in this thread. Check them out and add your own. If you've been a good boy or girl, maybe Santa will bring you what you ask for!

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

Too Much Fruit?

I have chosen threads in the past regarding fruit. I think it's a very interesting subject just because so many people think that eating fruit is bad for keeping body fat down. Sure there are carbohydrates and sugars, but you need fruit. This thread started by 'PureSteel' basically reiterates that fruits are good and that even if you're cutting, like he is, 5 fruits a day will not hinder your process.

I personally enjoy 7-10 fruits everyday and just feel better than when I didn't eat fruit. Anyways, check out the thread and see for yourself!

How Many Pieces Of Fruit Do You Eat Per Day?

Six Or More.

How Many Servings Of Veggies Do You Eat Per Day?

Six Or More.

Workout Log Of The Week

AceRx's Shed The Weight Thread

So here is the last best thread of the week. The best workout log that I found, after filtering through probably about a hundred, is this one which is by 'AceRX.' It's a cutting journal and the reason that I chose a cut was because the Christmas season, as well as New Years, is coming and it's great to see someone jumping the gun on getting ripped for the holidays.

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This is also a great log to follow for anyone looking to drop a few before the New Year as there are some great tips and suggestions that you yourself can make great use of. Also, if you're planning on getting ripped as your new year's resolution, why not read ahead and see what is or what isn't working for people? Sounds like a plan - damn I'm good.