Best Of The Forums - June 4th, 2006.

This week, from the forum boards of, our members share more great topics. Your topics this week include favorite supplement company, eating tips, placing an order, and much more. Read on to learn and give your thoughts!

Question Of The Week

List Your Top 3 Favorite Supplement Companies!

Everyone has their favorite supplements that they couldn't live without. We compiled a list of those supplements a couple issues back. But what about supplement companies themselves? Does everyone have a favorite company?

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I'm not talking about liking a company, but loving a company so much that you'll buy anything that they release, even if you know it's going to be absolute crap...

Designer Supplements
Designer Supplements Logo.

I think everyone has a couple companies whose products they are extremely fond of. I, personally, am a die-hard Designer Supplements, SciVation, and Ergopharm fan.

If you could choose 3 companies to name as your favorites, which ones would they be? Take a look at other people's responses to this question in the thread started by 'strongpointe85'.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Food That Keeps You Very Full For Awhile?

For those of you that are currently cutting, you may want to check out this thread if you seem to be having a problem with the amount of food that you eat. There are some foods that will simply not keep you full for very long at all. Within an hour, you'll be in need of more and this can be a downward spiral for cutters.

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Dan Gastelu On Carbs
& The Satiety Index!

Listen in as nutrition expert Dan Gastelu speaks about the Glycemic Index and the Satiety Index. Part of the Awesome Muscles Seminar Series.

Getting ready for the summer is going to be hard if all you want to do is eat. 'slick1235676' is looking for food that will keep you full for awhile. He wants something that he can eat now, and not have to worry about eating again for several hours later. If you're having the same problem as he is, you really ought to check out the thread and see what other suggestions other members have offered.

Poll Of The Week

Best Supplement On

There are literally thousands of products here at Sometimes when placing an order, it's hard to decide what it is that you should add to your basket. Fear not!

This week's poll will help you out in that department. 'prowrestler2004' has obviously been in this situation and so he asks us to name our favorite supplement available at

Which Is The Best Supplement At

Controlled Labs Purple Wraath.
Molecular Nutrition X-Factor.
BSN NO-Xplode.
SciVation Xtend.
MuscleTech Anator P70.
MAN Body Octane.
ErgoPharm GF Pro.
PrimaForce Substance WPI.
Syntrax SwoleN.

Since there are so many possible answers, this one is going to be quite a read, though definitely a helpful one. After checking this out, you'll never have to worry about not knowing what to buy again!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Which Has Given You Better Results?

For this week's supplement thread, I have selected a comparison between 2 very popular creatines: Designer Supplements Xceed and Controlled Labs Green Bulge.

Both have received phenomenal reviews and both have excellent proprietary blend profiles. If you're looking to get a new creatine and have been eyeing either of these 2 products, then this thread may be able to help you make an educated choice.

Controlled Labs Green Bulge Controlled Labs Presents: Green Bulge
Creatine Matrix Volumizer!

The Most Advanced Creatine Matrix Volumizer Ever To Reach The Market!

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There are a lot of great opinions on the topic and I found some of them very interesting. Check out the thread and help 'idratherbpartyn' pick a new creatine. If not, then perhaps this will help you pick a new one.

Workout Log Of The Week

Let It Be Written...

Picking the Workout Log Of The Week is probably the most interesting thread to pick. I get to learn about the lives of so many people and see how they eat and train everyday. It's also the most difficult thread to pick, simply because there are so many training journals that are just so good.

Isolating one journal is a difficult task and it's usually not a big factor that makes one journal better than another every week, I have to pick a journal that stood out, and this week, this one by 'ANiMaliZtIk' did just that.

ANiMaliZtIk ANiMaliZtIk
Click Image To Enlarge.
Photos From ANiMaliZtIk's Workout Journal.

His journal is really excellent - updated very often and chock full of detail. There are pictures as well, for comparison, and the gym stats are detailed as well. Check out his journal and see how he's changed his life with bodybuilding.

Picture Thread Of The Week

Polish Muscle, 18 Years Old

This week's picture thread if a bit different from any in the past. Usually, I find a thread with pictures from different people of the same body part, such as the biceps. Sometimes, I'll find funny threads with pictures of something weird or abnormal.

"You look like a young Mariusz Pudzianowski..."

This week, however, I have chosen to showcase a young man from Poland. He's 18 years old and has an incredible base for such a young age. 'Polak' has been training for 3 years and has gotten gained some considerable size.

Polak Polak Polak
Click Image To Enlarge.
Meet Polak.

These pictures can be inspirational to all of those young teen guys out there. You don't need steroids or prohormones to get the body you want.

With hard work, dedication, persistence, and patience, you will get to where you want to be. Just stick to it and the results will come!