Best Of The Forums: July 31st, 2005.

The best thread and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members. There is also a new thread added this week that should get everybody's attention.
It's officially the last BOF of July and what a month it's been. Each BOF has been jam packed with great threads and this is definitely no exception. I've gotten several emails from members regarding the Best of the Forums articles, and I'm glad to help out in any way possible - please send me an email to - I enjoy hearing from you!

Home Gym Of The Week

Lets See Some Home Gym Setups.

This topic was introduced 2 or 3 weeks ago and has since received a lot of attention from the members. There have been more home gym posts than ever and it's great. It's also awesome to see how great some peoples' imaginations are, as well as their budgets.

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rungrl's Home Gym.

This week's best home gym winner is 'rungrl'. Pictures can be found here under post number 8. To quote 'bellisima', post number 9, 'nice set up. I normally don't like to train at home but if I had that set up I sure would!'

Important Matter Of The Week

Save YOUR Supplements!

Okay, so a completely new BOF topic, but this week, it's entirely necessary. Recently there has been word from various sources concerning legal action against supplements. I think it's safe to say that just about every athlete and bodybuilder alike, uses, or has used supplements.

Stop Congress From Passing The Dietary Supplement Access & Awareness Act.
It is time again to flex some community muscle like we did in support of Arnold earlier this year. But this time we need to let our politicians know, ENOUGH ALREADY, and to leave our dietary supplements alone.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

This legal problem cannot ensue, and we as the bodybuilding community can make sure it doesn't. Please check out the thread here started by 'altruistic' - it gives a link to the statements regarding the problem we are facing. Please make your voice be heard!

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

Cottage Cheese And Peanut Butter... Surprisingly Good.

Pretty much every person that you talk to on these boards will tell you how cottage cheese works miracles. Low in fat, high in protein - what more could you want?!

1 out of 2 people, though, will tell you that they just can't eat cottage cheese, whether it be the taste or the texture, they just can't seem to muster up the courage to eat it.

So, what can you do to make cottage cheese easier to drive into that gut of yours? Check out the thread, started by 'paul_v', for some great tips on how to make cottage cheese something that everyone can look forward to.

Workout Log Of The Week

Sixpacks Up Your Mass Comp.

This week's best workout log is a bit different - it's more of a competition. 'Sixpack' challenges anyone that wants a challenge to "Up Your Mass". Put on as much lean muscle as you can in 16 weeks time. He's got a competition coming up, so there's nothing like some company to reach his goals.

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Check out the thread, along with photo's and critiques here. Take part in the friendly contest because you've got nothing to lose. I'm very interested to see how well everyone does!

Inspiration Thread Of The Week

Before And After... 250+ And Now 160.

Now, this thread goes back to last year, but to be honest, it deserves some spotlight. Reading threads everyday, I've come across some pretty impressive body changes. Most of them took a long time to achieve, but were obviously well worth the time and effort that was put in.

This week, I chose a thread started by 'mondesi02' that shows a before and after shot of himself.

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I'm not going to ruin the surprise but I will say that it is very inspiration to anyone looking to do something similar. Notice how he took his time, and did not rush (like too many people do now). Check out the thread here.

    Learn more about Louis here.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

How Stable Is Protein Powder? Question About Pre-Mixing?

So you're going to the office for a long day of paperwork. You don't have a break every hour so you bring your own protein shake to drink. Question: is it okay to mix it before you go to work? Or will the protein denature and render itself useless if in liquid state for an extended period of time?

'Steve_W' was curious, so he went to find the answer. There were a handful of responses to his question and some of them are very accurate and helpful. Check out the thread if you're at all interested in pre-mixing protein.

Informational Thread Of The Week

Worried About CEE Acidity? Well Take A Look Here...

With so much interest in creatine ethyl ester recently, many people have been trying it, and with great results, too! However, some people are a little bit worried about the taste of the CEE. Sure, it's as sour as a giant lemon and sure, it's nearly impossible to take on its own, but most people just bite their lip and do it.

However, some people are overly concerned with the sour taste and assume its very acidity - or too acidity. Drinking something with a low pH (acidic) can be harmful in many ways (teeth, stomach, etc.) and people are simply afraid to do themselves more harm than good.

However, 'The Booger' has taken it upon himself to measure the pH of CEE with simple school supplies and some bulk powder. In this thread, he explains the procedure of his test and then compares and contrasts his findings to real life examples. It turns out that people are worrying far too much.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

What Do U Whisper In A Girl's Ear?

I'm going to make this short and sweet, because the thread says it all. Simply, what do us guys whisper into girls ears that get them going/pissed?

There are lots of hilarious responses that made me laugh out loud. Check out the thread here, which was started by 'ouchies'.