Best Of The Forums - December 18th, 2005.

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Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Would you rather have a sugar-alternative, or healthy sugar?

This week, I'd like to focus on sugar for the nutritional thread. Sugar is bad for you and yadda yadda yadda - everyone in the fitness world will tell you that.

Guide To Sugar Alternatives! Guide To Sugar Alternatives!
Clearly, too much sugar is not good for everybody, with all the unpleasant consequences from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes to heart disease. But how about alternatives? Does it matter where you get your sweet?
[ Click here to learn more. ]

However, what if you had the option to choose between a 'healthy' sugar or an alternative to sugar altogether? This may seem pretty redundant, but this thread shows a lot of potential for information regarding sugars.

Thanks to 'Dosquito' for this one. You can find the thread here. It's a pretty interesting topic so I suggest checking it out.

Issue Of The Week

Out of control?

There are a lot of people on, as well as off, of the message boards that are pretty much willing to do anything as long as they get big. There are a lot of people that will sacrifice themselves to put on 20 more pounds and at any cost.

This week, I chose a thread started by 'sam32456', in which he shares his problem. I feel for the guy because I have heard a lot of stories like this that end bad.

A lot of people come to his aid and tell him that it's not worth hurting your body, no matter how big you can get. Check out the thread here and help steer Sam in the right direction. Good luck dude!

Informational Thread Of The Week

10 Bodybuilding Rules To Live By

A fairly simple explanation of this week's informational thread: some rules to live by for bodybuilders from every background.

There are a lot of rules of thumb that people follow while packing on some lean muscle and I think that this is a great thread that summarizes some of these rules.

This thread is another one featured this week that was started by 'dosquito'. Thanks for your great contribution to our message boards.

Picture Thread Of The Week

Post A Pic Of Your Ideal Physique

Everyone has an image of what they want to look like one day. Some people would be happy with 20 pounds and some people are looking to be like Arnold. Each person, however, has their own idea of perfection. In this thread, started by 'ProBuck', people post pictures of their ideal physique.

The Perfect Physique? Ideal Physiques?

Each Person Has Their Own
Idea Of The Perfect Physique.

You'll see that there is a range of looks, which is good. Check out the thread here and be sure to post your ideal physique, too!

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Dumbest Thing You Hear From Non-Bodybuiders

There have been many a BOF thread in the past regarding funny quotes and the like from "noobs". This week's funniest thread is centered around non-bodybuilders and their stupid talk.

'mOXley crue' asks forum members to post the funniest things that non-bodybuilders have said to them. Some of the quotes are really funny and make me wonder what these suckers are saying.

Idiot: "Yeah, if I started taking HGH I would put on
around 100 pounds of muscle in about 3 months."

The thread can be found here and please post something from your experience and make me laugh.

Random Thread Of The Week

Cool Little Useful Facts Thread (Post The Ones U Know)

So, this is actually going to be the Random Thread of the Week, while still having a lot of useful information. As you may or may not have guessed, this week's random thread actually has nothing to do with fitness or bodybuilding.

That's not to say, however, that there aren't some things in the thread regarding health, but for the most part it is completely random.

Started by 'dodigago', this is perhaps one of my favorite threads of the week. It's a collection of random, while still useful, tips. Check out the thread here and post any cool tips if you know of any.