Best Of The Forums: August 13th, 2006.

This week we have topics about protein, supplement awards, a great workout journal, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

Question Of The Week

End To The Isolate Vs. Concentrate Debate

As you know (or should know, anyway), protein is a staple in any diet and that includes a bodybuilding diet. Without protein, you may as well sit at home because the desired muscle just will not come. Some people that are new to the game may be confused with the different types of proteins including, but not limited to, whey isolate and concentrate.

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This thread is a great place to find out how one differs from the other - and which is more beneficial at different points in the day. Here you will find tons of great info from lots of members on the board. Thank you 'jaymag254' for starting this thread - I know that you've helped out a lot of people by doing it.

Random Thread Of The Week

Vote For The 2006 Supplement Awards!

Alright, not the most often used BOF topic ever, but I'd like to hope that I've never steered you wrong! This week I have included a random best thread because I can... and because I think it's important to see. The yearly Supplement Awards are back! Vote for your favorites such as best newcomer, best overall supplement, and best non-protein muscle builder.

The 2006 Supplement Awards. The 2006 Supplement Awards.
The Supplement Awards are the industry standard and give recognition to truly exceptional products!
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This one is always a lot of fun and it's great to see who comes out on top! Make your vote count and give your favorite products an edge in the competition. The link can be found in this thread as well as a complete discussion. Vote or Die!

Poll Of The Week

How Many Different Flavors Of Protein Do You Have?

This one will be fun. Most average fitness people will purchase a tub of protein and use it until the tub is empty. They will then buy another one and use that one until it's gone. Rinse, lather, repeat - you know the drill.

There are lots of people, however, who are most serious about their diet and lifestyle and will go a step (or 2, or 7) further and will actually have several tubs of whey protein on hand at once, to mix up the flavor and type.

How Many Different Flavors Of Protein Do You Have?

4 Or More.

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Have You Voted Yet?

This week's poll asks us to vote on how many different flavors of protein powder you have on hand. A great little poll, and it's interesting to see what others have to say on the topic. I, myself, have 3 at once and have already voted. Check out the poll here and make sure you vote on this one, too!

Recipe Of The Week

New Creation - Cheesy Vegetable BBQ Beef Bowl

Onto the more delicious part of the BOF... the Recipe Of The Week! You already know how much I enjoy trying out new recipes every week, so let's have at it. The last few weeks have brought us things like Pumpkin Oatmeal and a Crockpot Chicken Extravaganza. This week, I have selected another non-desert menu item, which 'ripped_holla' has appropriately named Cheesy Vegetable BBQ Beef Bowl.

Sounds good, doesn't it? That's because it really is! A blend of cheese (non-fat, of course), BBQ sauce, veggies, beef, and spices - this recipe will surely spice up your daily menu in no time. Check it out and share with your friends! This is a good one. Mmmmm.

Workout Journal Of The Week

Sadao's 50 Lb. Rippetoe Bulk!

'Sadao' has compiled a fantastic workout journal. He goes into great detail with his diet, supplementation, and workout regimen, which makes it great to read, and with his color-coded text, anyone can follow it (and I mean anyone)! He is using a 3x5 program and is looking to put on some lean mass (though aren't we all... sigh).

Screenshot from the workout thread
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Color-Coding Makes This Workout Journal Easy To Follow.

Check out his journey here and follow along daily. If you're looking for a new workout plan because you're bored or looking to change up your old one, this is a great regimen to follow to put on some muscle.

Nutrition/Funny Thread Of The Week

How Do Gorillas Get So Muscular With So Little Protein?

Okay, this next one is really weird - to say the absolute, bare minimum, very least. I'm not sure how this ended up getting posted in the nutrition forum, but it's nutrition-based because of its content, I guess. Anyway, this week's thread in the nutrition category is about gorillas. Yes, gorillas. Why are gorillas so damn big when their protein intake is so low?

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Gorilla: Genetics & Evolution Are King.

My guess is genetics and evolution (survival of the fittest, and all that), but what the h*ll do I know, right? Wrong. I know everything, and that is the reason. You can check out the thread here if you want, but you should probably just take my word for it and save a few minutes of your life. Trust me - you're going to need them.

Alright I'm kidding. I don't know everything, and you most certainly should take a part in the thread, primatially primarily because you'll probably get a cheap laugh or two along the way. Sorry about that rant. Enjoy!