Flex Magazine - September 2007 Issue Preview: Training With Toney Freeman And Dennis Wolf!

The September issue of Flex will be on newsstands August 13th. This issue will showcase peaked biceps training! For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.
Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Flex, on newsstands August 13th. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.

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September 2007
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Flex September 2007 Flex Magazine: September 2007.

The September issue of Flex is available August 13th. This issue will showcase how top Olympia contenders Toney Freeman and Dennis Wolf train. Other notable features include Bobby Lashley hitting the gym, peaked biceps training, year-round nutrition, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the September issue of Flex Magazine: Mass With Class!

Table Of Contents, September 2007 FLEX Magazine
Training Nutrition Features
Mass With Class
Big men, small waists: how top Olympia contenders Toney Freeman and Dennis Wolf train to achieve the holy grail of bodybuilding.
By Greg Merritt
Wake Up And Grow
This specially formulated breakfast supplement plan will help you get your bodybuilding ambitions off to the right start every single morning.
By Steve O'Reilly and Jim Stoppani, PhD
Lashing Out
Does he have the best physique of any guy who has ever stepped through the ropes into a WWE ring? Meet fast-rising superstar Bobby Lashley, and judge for yourself.
By Allan Donnelly
Customize Your Wheels
Rev up your quads and hams with our comprehensive guide to building your own tricked-out leg-training program.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Allan Donnelly
Mile-High Muscle
Transform your diet for phenomenal results with Phil Heath's year-round bodybuilding nutrition plan.
By Julian Schmidt
Game On!
The feud between Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman may be the focal point of the 2007 Mr. Olympia hype - but that doesn't mean it's not the most wide-open race for the Sandow in years.
By Allan Donnelly
The HIT Man On Trial
Examine the evidence in the case of Mark Dugdale's high-intensity shoulders and triceps workout - then put his training strategy to work for you.
By Greg Merritt
Advanced Nutrition
The King of fast-food solutions; going for a green stack; lactase does a body good; meat from a petri dish; and whey to control appetite.
By Team FLEX
Dream Sequence
Through perseverance (and a boost from mom), IFBB fitness champion Adela Garcia gets her due.
Profile And Photography By Terry Goodlad
Westside Rules
The Westside Barbell Club is the most hardcore gym on the planet, and home to the most fearsome powerlifters you'll ever meet. FLEX presents the training secrets they use to forge their prodigious strength.
By Steve Colescott
Jack Up Your Back
The 2006 NPC USA Championship overall winner, Omar Deckard, wants you to have a thicker, wider back. Here are the six exercises he says will get you there.
By Julian Schmidt
Peak Abbew
Building mountainous biceps is a battle of will for Britain's Eddie Abbew.
By Julian Schmidt