Fitness 360: Stephanie Toomey, Battle-Tested Body—Training

Although she has a body worth a million photographs, Stephanie's main goals are performance-based. Learn how this figure-turned-CrossFit athlete stays fit year-round.

She competed in figure three years ago, but since then, Stephanie Toomey has started moving some heavy-ass weight. She tired of training for physique, so Stephanie sought an outlet that would push her to train for performance. She found CrossFit, and now the Optimum Nutrition-sponsored athlete is absolutely ready to crush it. Follow her training regimen, if you can match her strength.

Stephanie Toomey Fit 360

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In the last three months, Stephanie has made the transition completely into CrossFit. She walked into BlackFin CrossFit in Jacksonville and told the owner she wanted to compete. He looked at her and asked how long she'd been doing CrossFit. She told him she'd never done it before, but she was ready to try. To see what she had, he told her to snatch 70 pounds. "I couldn't do it. I looked like a four-year-old. I was humbled quickly. I thought I was strong until I tried to do CrossFit."

"If you talked to me four months ago, you'd think it would never happen. Now, I don't go anywhere without my Nanos, my Olympic shoes, a lacrosse ball, and my straps."

Stephanie's Training Philosophy ///

Stephanie trains several times per day. She'll work on her metabolic conditioning, her endurance, Olympic-lifting techniques, and CrossFit skills. "In my opinion, CrossFit is great because it shows my strengths, but definitely highlights my weaknesses." Her drive to better herself is what sets Stephanie apart. "Every day, I want to lift heavier, jump higher, move faster, do more pull-ups. I never feel like I've made it."

CrossFit also appeals to Stephanie's competitive nature. She competes against the clock and other people, but primarily against her own PRs. "CrossFit changed my life," she says. "Every day I have a new goal."

"Fitness," says Stephanie "is strength, flexibility, endurance—all those things. It's not just a picture that says I'm fit. I want somebody to say, 'Pick up that 400 pounds, or put that 300 pounds on your back and stand up with it.' To me, that's beautiful and strong."

When she trains, Stephanie listens to her body instead of her mind. "Sometimes, when I get ready to do my workouts, I question my ability. But I know it's just a lack of motivation. I program my training based upon what I know I can do."

Despite this absolute dedication to doing and performing her best, Stephanie never goes beyond what is safe for her capabilities. For Stephanie, fitness is life, but she maintains a healthy perspective. "I believe training should be fun, fit into your life, and support your goals." That's about as perfect as any training philosophy can be.

Stephanie's Training Regimen ///
Day 1: Max Effort Lower Body
Day 2: Olympic Lifting and MetCon

Day 3: Max Effort Upper Body
Day 4: Olympic Lifting/ MetCon

Day 5: Lower Body/Power
Day 6: Olympic Lifting/MetCon
Day 7: Active Rest

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