Fitness 360: Ross Dickerson, Training Regimen

Ross Dickerson lifts smart, with precise intensities and a well-thought-out regimen. Try this, and get truly fit!

The world is full of people who want to look better, but few actually achieve a premiere physique. Ross Dickerson did it. He put it all together and earned his WBFF pro card.

It takes a lot of work to maintain that sort of physical presence. Dickerson's weightlifting program uses varying intensities (see each exercise), with plenty of warm-ups to avoid injury and prime the body for the workload.

These are tough workouts, so be sure to check out Dickerson's nutrition and supplement plans to see how he supports these efforts in the weight room. Fitness—especially if you ever want to be elite—requires a plan that goes full circle.

Training Regimen

Rest 90 seconds between sets unless otherwise noted. Last set of numbers for each exercise represents tempo.

Monday: Quads/Hams

Tuesday: Chest/Triceps

Wednesday: Weighted Abs

Rest 60 seconds between sets; Rest 90-120 seconds between exercises.

Thursday: Back/Biceps

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Cardio

Warm-Up: 5 minutes, slowly increase speed to a working rate of 50 % max effort
Cardio: 20 minutes
Use a ratio of 1:2 ... Work time : Recovery Time
e.g., 15 sec. work, 30 sec. recovery
Repeat, adding 5 sec. work and 10 sec. recovery to each spurt
e.g., 20 sec. work, 40 sec. recovery
Reach 60 sec. work, 120 sec. recovery, then go back down
e.g., 55 sec. work, 110 sec. recovery
Reach 15 sec. work, 30 sec. recovery, then go back up
Repeat cycle for a total of 20 minutes.
Cool-Down: 5 minutes, slowly decrease speed each minute to lower heart rate
Sunday: Rest

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