Fitness 360: Jen Jewell, Training Program

Jen Jewell's fast-paced, circuit-style workouts are challenging, but they're also really fun. Spend a week in her shoes and follow Jen's split!

To Jen Jewell, there's only one steadfast rule about training: It has to be fun! Instead of slogging through workouts that she hates, Jen does her best to create a program that's constantly changing, that she knows she'll enjoy doing, and that's going to challenge every aspect of her fitness level. Most importantly, it's a program that she knows she can maintain for years.

Jen Jewell Fit 360
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Jen doesn't like to do the same thing over and over again. For her sanity and well-being, she has to mix it up. "If I'm getting bored on the treadmill, then I do something new on the Stepmill. Or, I'll do intervals of some crazy mix like jump roping and stair climbing." By keeping her fitness diverse, Jen saves herself from just walking on a moving belt.

She gives her clients the same advice: "If you absolutely despise the treadmill, elliptical, or other pieces of cardio equipment, clearly those machines are not for you. Do what you like. Anything from a boot camp, to a spin class, to a kickboxing class will be better than hating the gym and dreading the next workout."

She also likes to train outdoors. "I live in southern California. We have the Santa Monica Stairs, the beach, [and] we can go hiking. There are a million fun things to do. So whenever I need a break from the gym, I head into the sunshine."

Standing Barbell Curl

Although her program changes on a regular basis, it's not random. "I mix it up depending on what my goals are or what I'm getting ready for. Sometimes, I'll do a body part split. Sometimes I'll do total-body workouts."

But, because she holds a lot of muscle naturally, she never worries too much about bulking. "My main goal is to maintain my muscle mass and stay lean."

Right now, Jen is also concentrating on developing her hamstrings. "My quads are extremely developed from years of gymnastics and now weight training. So I'm bringing my hammies up to speed!"

She has a really busy schedule, so not all of her rest days fall on the same day of the week. "Each week is different. My workouts and rest days depend on my schedule."

On Sundays, when most people are resting, Jen hits the gym. "A lot of people like to take Sunday as a rest day. But I get some of my best workouts on Sunday. The gym is quiet, and I don't usually have a ton to do that day. Sundays are my day to concentrate on myself."

Jen's Workout Split

Workout 1: Back
Workout 2: Upper-Body Blast
Workout 3: Lower-Body Blast
Workout 4: Chest/Triceps/Abs