Fit Employee Spotlight - Thereasa Lieurance-Ross!

Congratulations Thereasa for being selected as's Fit Employee of the Month. Find out how Thereasa stays active and in great shape all year long!

Vital Stats

Name: Thereasa Lieurance-Ross (aka TJ)
Age: 40
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs
BodySpace: tjmine

Motivational Employee Transformation: Thereasa Lieurance-Ross

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Tell us a little about yourself. What is your position at How long have you worked here?

I'm a proud mother of 2 boys and have worked at for about 15 months. I love what I do and the team continually motivates me to continue further to exceed my goals.

What was your workout/fitness/nutrition level before working at

Before I started working at I was completely unhealthy. I weighed 225 lbs, wore a size 40 pair of pants, and smoked a pack a day.

Since making drastic changes to my lifestyle I am healthier than I have ever been weighing in at 105 lbs of lean muscle.

Total Transformation: Half the size, twice the woman!
Total Transformation: Half the size, twice the woman!
"Can these jeans be taken in?"

What does your workout routine consist of now?

I'm training for a triathlon which consists of running 7-11 miles daily with a mile swim every other day. I also participate in Tae Kwan Do twice a week which I have recently obtained a green belt.

To maintain my muscle I do a weight training routine two to three times a week.

Lifting Schedule:

Day 1: Cardio Only
Day 2: Cardio Only

Lunch hour:


Day 3: Cardio/Abs/Upper Body

Lunch hour:


Day 4: Cardio Only

Lunch hour:


Day 5: Cardio/Abs/Upper Body

Lunch hour:


Day 5: Cardio Only

Lunch hour:


Day 7: Martial Arts/Swim
  • Swimming

    Tae Kwon Do

    1 hr
  • Swimming


    1 mile

What does your diet consist of now?

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Mediterranean Salad:

Meal 3:

What supplements have helped you reach your goals?

It's all about the MusclePharm Assault for a pre-workout supplement which I follow with the Xtend after my workout for muscle recovery. Instead of sweets and junk food, I eat Whey crisp bars to curb the craving.

On occasion I will switch it up a little and take the Essential AmiN.O. Energy for the recovery.

Pre Workout:
Post Workout:

What is it like working at Does it create a helpful fitness environment?

No matter where I'm at I'm always reaching for my fitness goals and allows me to do this even when I'm working. The people I work with continue to motivate me and never give me a hard time with my workout routine.

How does the environment influence your health, fitness and appearance goals?

No one is negative. They constantly motivate and push me further by letting me know that I'm a positive influence to them.

You'd be smiling too if you were half the size of your former self.

What are your co-workers like?

I have been inspired by my family. I've never had such a positive work environment. I know everyone is in my corner cheering me on.

Did someone from inspire you to reach your goals?

My whole family as well as my 2 boys give me daily doses of positive inspiration. I've always wanted to keep up my kids and now they have to keep up with me.

Have you inspired others with your new look and attitude?

The changes have been so positive that I have had many stay-at-home mothers as well as people in the fitness community ask me "How and why?" I always reply "By getting out there and becoming part of it instead of sitting on the sidelines."

Get informed and motivate others and allow them to motivate you. Through the help of I have had the opportunity to achieve greatness through unique supplementation.

What is your favorite feature on the website?

I love BodySpace. It is a great way to confront new challenges and communicate them with the others in the fitness world.

How does help to motivate/support you?

They continue to inspire me to greatness and new challenges by being in my corner.

Does practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle improve the productivity of If so, how?

Yes! By enhancing productivity and allowing its employees to be both physically and mentally fit. This in turn increases energy levels and better safety practices making a more effective work environment.

Learning to flye, and fly.

What are your future goals? Do you think working for will help you reach them?

My goals are to run a triathlon and take on the world in any way I can. I am currently writing a book "Before and After You Make the Choice." I hope in sharing my personal journey that it will inspire others in aspects of their personal growth for their future as well as the future of their children.

It is those children who will lead the next generation in being healthy and making the right choices for them. showed me that you can accomplish anything that you want with hard work and dedication. The possibilities are endless!

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