Fit Team Member Spotlight: Lindsey Sapien

The freedom you discover in fitness when you take a job here seriously changes lives. Lindsey leaned on her teammates and took the stage!

Name: Lindsey Sapien
Job Title: Senior Buyer
Date of Hire: April 2009
Age: 25
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs
BodySpace Account: LipotropicLinds
Athletic Background: Grew up competing in soccer, ice hockey, and skiing. I love to participate in anything competitive; I am game for anything!
Fitness Declaration: "To compete against myself to be the best 'Lindsey' I can be."

We'd like to take credit for hiring team members and putting them on a path to compete on amateur and pro stages, but it doesn't work like that. Taking a position at doesn't guarantee you victory on the stages, but there is a promise of support and communal understanding.

Lindsey Sapien always held an athletic prowess and even worked in a gym, but after a few years working in the industry, she found cause to take her physique to greater levels.

With the support of internal programs and inspirational coworkers, Lindsey recently finished in the top 5 in her first NPC Bikini show! Congratulations Lindsey!

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your position at How long have you worked here?

I am a buyer here at and I just recently celebrated my 4-year anniversary with the company.

What was your workout/fitness/nutrition level before working at

Through high school I was always active in sports, so I never worried about the nutrition side of things. I worked at Gold's Gym all through college and though I was around the fitness industry I didn't live the lifestyle.

It wasn't until I started working at that I started to understand the importance of proper diet and nutrition. I was immersed in a culture that supported a healthy lifestyle and it was easy to make the transition having healthier eating habits and working out regularly.

What sort of competitions do you enter to prove your athleticism?

As much as I can I still try to get on the ice and skate. Because it is hard to find ice time and I am not part of a team anymore I don't have the opportunity to play hockey as much as I would like.

I usually compete in 5ks throughout the year for fun with my friends. Most recently, I made the commitment to compete in my first NPC bikini show so I spent the last few months prepping for that.

Do you feel your recent competition has made you stronger, as an athlete and person?

I competed in my first NPC bikini competition this past weekend and placed in the top five! Prepping for the show tested me in so many ways. I had no idea what my mind and body were capable of before I started on this journey.

This show has shown me just how strong I am as a person. After walking onto that stage, I now know just how strong I am not only physically, but also mentally; I feel like I could do anything!

What is it like working at Does it create a helpful fitness environment?

I honestly don't think I would have been as successful with my competition transformation if I didn't work at Everyone here is so motivating and so supportive. I was never judged for heating up tilapia in the break room and never questioned when turning down foods outside my diet. Everyone at work made it easy to stick to my diet and continue to push through my workouts without questioning what I was doing.

What are your co-workers like?

My co-workers are absolutely amazing! Everyone here is so supportive and genuinely cares about your wellbeing both in and outside of the workplace. I started my "transformation" about five months ago, and the overwhelming support and encouragement I received from my co-workers through email, and them stopping by my desk, was so humbling. I could not imagine working with a better group of people. I'm spoiled being surrounded by them on a daily basis.

Did someone from inspire you to reach your goals?

There are actually two people from who inspired me to pursue my goal of competing: Katie Chung Hua and Jillian Beck. Katie is an IFBB Pro bikini competitor and athlete who has overcome so many obstacles and continues to strive to be the best and accomplish every fitness goal she sets for herself.

Jillian is a co-worker of mine who competed for the first time last year. Her strength and determination was so inspiring and sparked my interest in giving the competition challenge a try. They have both been so supportive during my prep. I could not imagine embarking on this journey without their help.

Have you inspired others with your new look and attitude?

We work with so many inspirational people, if I personally inspired anyone it would be a true honor.

What types of activities do you enjoy outside of work, outside the weight room?

I love spending time with my husband, family, and friends. I feel like I am spoiled living in Boise because I have access to so many awesome activities. I spend most of my weekends going on bike rides, hiking with our husky Kodah, and going to sporting events. Go Broncos!

What is your favorite feature on the website?

I have two favorite features on the website. I love the supersite with all of the content we provide. I also love the motivation tab and reading about all of our customers' amazing transformations; they are all so inspiring!

How does help to motivate/support you, in fitness and life? provides thousands of articles to answer any fitness question you may have! During my prep I found myself looking at the motivational tab whenever I was struggling with the diet to keep me on track! Also, the recipes are awesome! My husband and I love to find healthy recipes to support our diets and keep our nutrition on track!

Have you participated in the employee transformation challenge? How did that experience affect your life?

I just finished with the employee transformation challenge! I actually have "tried" it the last couple of years, but never finished. This year I didn't only last the whole 12 weeks, but I felt like I gave it my all and I am happy with my results.

The transformation actually made me closer with a couple of other employees, which was great. We used each other as a support system and helped keep each other motivated and accountable.

How does practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle improve the productivity of

I've noticed a huge change in my energy levels and my ability to concentrate just from getting regular exercise and eating the proper foods. It is amazing the power of food and the types of effects it has on your day-to-day functionality.

Lindsey's Lifting Regimen ///
Workout 1
Workout 2
Workout 3

Workout 4
Workout 5
Workout 6

Lindsey's Nutrition Plan ///
Meal 1 - 7 a.m.
Meal 2 - 10 a.m.
Meal 3 - 1 p.m.
Meal 4 - 4 p.m.
Meal 5 - 7 p.m.
Meal 6 - 10 p.m.

Lindsey's Supplements Stack ///
With Meal 1 - 7 a.m.
Meal 2 - 10 a.m.
With Meal 3 - 1 p.m.
Meal 4 - 4 p.m.
Pre-workout - 5 p.m.
Intra-workout - 5:30 p.m.

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