Rachel Young Lost 80 Pounds To Regain Control Of Her Health!

Rachel first realized that she needed a change when a local clothing store didn't carry a size that would fit her. Read on to learn how she turned her life around and shed 80 pounds!

Vital Stats

Name: Rachel Young

210 lbs
Body Fat: 43%
Size: 47/38/48

Age: 35
130 lbs
Body Fat: 18%
Size: 35/27/35

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Why I Got Started

I realized I had a problem with my weight when I walked into a clothing store in my hometown of Atlanta. The sales associate informed me that the smallest size they sold was a size 16.

At the time, I wore a size 20. I was 2 sizes too fat to shop in their store. Dejected and humiliated, I left the store. It was the beginning of my realization that I had become fat.

When I started my marketing company in 2002, there was one man I credit with helping me get my company off the ground.

His teachings had been immeasurable. It meant everything in the world for me to finally meet this "guru" several years later in 2006. Having my picture taken with him was the highlight of my trip.

However, when the picture was sent to me via email, I didn't recognize the woman I was looking at. I smoked a pack and a half a day, ate like a man, and it showed.

I looked like I'd check out of life and that wasn't the case! When I noticed my oldest son developing "love handles" at age 11, I knew I had to do something.

I Knew I Had To Do Something. I Knew I Had To Do Something.
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I Knew I Had To Do Something.

How I Did It

I was my own guinea pig at first. I tried every 'fad diet' or weight loss pill imaginable. I wished every week when I went to my local vitamin store that the manager would say, "We've got a new Magic Pill that'll make you lose 60 pounds overnight. All it costs is one of your legs and to shave your head." I would have left the store limping and bald! But there was no magic pill.

Having grown up in Japan, I knew that the Japanese method of "kaizen" (making small changes to see big results) would be of the most help. So I started off eating a salad at lunch.

It still had creamy dressing, cheese, croutons, bacon bits, etc. But it was a salad. There was lettuce in there somewhere! After a few weeks, I eliminated the cheese. Then the croutons. Then the bacon. Then I changed the dressing.

The same went for my fitness. I started exercising during commercial breaks for my favorite TV shows. Then I ventured outside and started walking. Then slowly progressing to jogging. Then to lifting weights.

One day I looked in the mirror and realized, "Holy cr@p! I've lost 80 pounds!" Now I could shop in any store I wanted. I could meet anyone, famous or otherwise, and be proud of the person I'd become, inside and out.

Eating is an absolute joy now! I look forward to tasting each meal, preparing it with the same enthusiasm I have for my "alone time" at the gym. I no longer look like I've checked out on life. I look on the outside like I feel on the inside - A MILLION BUCKS!

Eventually, I wrote a book about my weight loss called "What If You Were Thin" to give other men and women the courage to take the first step and know that, regardless of how insurmountable the obstacle may appear to be - the weight can and will come off if you'll just take the first, small step.

I No Longer Look Like I've Checked Out On Life.
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I No Longer Look Like I've Checked Out On Life.


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Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4: Pre-Workout

Meal 5: Post-Workout

Meal 6:

Meal 7:


I warmed up with each exercise for 2 sets of 12-15 reps.

Daily Workout Warm Up:

Monday And Friday:

Tuesday And Thursday:

  • 30 minute hike on local trail


Suggestions For Others

You aren't in competition with anyone else but yourself. Focus on becoming the best you and being happy in your own skin first and foremost! Master that, and everything else will fall into place naturally.

Never underestimate the power of eating enough. I wasted a lot of time unnecessarily due to not eating enough food during the day to fuel my body in order to lose weight.

Understand that while technology allows us to have everything around us instantly - you are not technology. Since this is the only body you've got, take the time to build up your health while losing weight carefully and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of looking great!

You Aren't In Competition With Anyone Else But Yourself. You Aren't In Competition With Anyone Else But Yourself.
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You Aren't In Competition With Anyone Else But Yourself.