Julie Michaelson Shed 27 Pounds And Stepped On Stage At Her First Competition!

After Julie's twin daughters were born in 2006, she was introduced to heavy weight training and set her sights on a competition. Read on to learn how she shed 27 pounds right here!
Before Before:
165 lbs
After After:
138 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Julie Michaelson
Email: juliemichaelson@comcast.net
Blog: http://iriefitgirl.blogspot.com/

Weight: 165 lbs
Body Fat: 28%

Age: 34
138 lbs (129 lbs contest)
Body Fat: 15% (9% contest)

Why I Got Started

I have always been a fitness enthusiast. My workouts were primarily cardio based and occasionally I'd toss in some light weights at the end of a workout if I had time.

After giving birth to my twin daughters in 2006, my fitness became even more of a priority to me. As a result of having twins, I had to quit my full time job and become a stay at home mom to my 4 kids.

The gym became my outlet and it became a way for me to cope with being in a unhappy marriage that left me feeling trapped.

After Giving Birth To My Twin Daughters In 2006, My Fitness Became Even More Of A Priority To Me.
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After Giving Birth To My Twin Daughters In 2006,
My Fitness Became Even More Of A Priority To Me.

In 2007 I met a friend at the gym who asked me if I would start lifting with him. He pushed me to lift heavy weights and I really liked the changes I saw in my body.

What I really loved was how the heavy lifting made me feel mentally. It was something that challenged me and made me feel like I was emotionally strong.

There was a great deal of emotional and verbal abuse in my marriage and my training was something that gave me a feeling of confidence and self-esteem. The feedback I got about how my body looked was an added bonus!

I Really Loved How The Heavy Lifting Made Me Feel Mentally.
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I Really Loved How The Heavy
Lifting Made Me Feel Mentally.

How I Did It

I lifted 5 days a week, and did cardio almost every day. My training partner continued to push me to lift heavier and heavier. I kept my intensity level high with 1-2 minutes rest between sets.

Having a partner was helpful because it enabled me to lift heavier weights than I would have by myself. However, my nutrition was lacking.

I might eat a packet of oatmeal in the morning and then nothing again until dinner, often overeating pastas and breads. The first thing I did in addition to my training was start eating meals every 2-3 hours to get my metabolism revved up.

Once I got the eating down, I cleaned up the foods and eliminated most processed foods from my diets. I also made sure that I got a post-workout shake in after every lift. My body really started working for me.

I quickly started adding lean mass and dropping body fat. I went from a size 14 to a size 4 in just over 1 year. My results drove me to push harder. In the summer of 2008 people around the gym started commenting on the changes in my physique and if I was planning to compete.

My Results Drove Me To Push Harder.
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My Results Drove Me
To Push Harder.

I decided that this might be my only opportunity to do a competition and it was something I was really itching to do. I competed in the Washington Iron Man in October of 2008. I loved the stage. I have done 4 more competitions since then and my physique improves with each contest.

Competing gives me focus to my training and gives me a goal to work towards. I love that about competition. I also love that other women tell me how inspirational I am.

That is probably what drives me to continue to compete, to show other women, mothers especially, what is possible. Even after 4 kids you can have the body of your dreams.


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Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5: Post Workout

Meal 6:

Meal 7:


Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Shoulders

Thursday: Chest

Saturday: Arms

Monday through Friday I do 45-60 minutes on the stair master upon waking in the morning. Saturday and Sunday I do 90 minutes on the stair master. During contest season, I add 30 minutes of cardio after my evening lifting session.

I like to throw in HIIT a couple times a week because it's great for fat burning and makes the workout a little more fun.

Suggestions For Others

You have to want it bad. There are no excuses. If you want the body, you have to put in the work, you have to be driven and disciplined, but it is possible and rewarding.

As a single mother of 4, working full time I manage to find the time to get my workouts in a make my nutrition a priority. It takes work, but you can do it.

If You Want The Body, You Have To Put In The Work.
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If You Want The Body,
You Have To Put In The Work.

Planning and preparation are the keys! The way you will feel on the inside makes it so worth it. Looking amazing on the outside is just an added bonus! Surround yourself with people who support your lifestyle.

Keep a training and diet log. This really helps keep me on track. It helps me see where I've been and keeps my eyes on where I'm going. Write down your goals. Have a vision. See the body you want to have. Train for it. Eat for it. Get it!