High Protein Diets: Are They Really Safe?

Here are the reasons why people say you should avoid high protein diets along with OUR opinion! What is the truth?
In Fawnia's last article, we compiled some information about high protein diets! Some of the Bodybuilding.com viewers were asking "Who is Jennifer Chailler"?, so here I am! Here is some background information on me! As always, if you have any questions, e-mail me or Fawnia!

Number of years training: I have been weight training for 11 years. I began gymnastics at age 4 through to age 12, and proceeded into Jazz dancing with some ballet as well as rhythmic gymnastics. At age 16 I discovered the gym and have been training ever since. I have also recently incorporated running as part of my regular training regime.

Training for: I am generally training for personal fitness and I have just finished completing my first 1/2 marathon (13 miles) held on Oct 13th, 2002 in Victoria, B.C. For the past 4 months I have been training with a running group while still maintaining a 5-day per week weight training program. My completion time for the run was 1:31:41. I placed 6th in my division (out of 217) and 133rd out of 2900 runners overall.

Method of training: 5-6 day program, using a 4 day split, that way I am doing one body part twice a week (which of course changes each week). I mainly concentrate on high reps (20 x 4) and low weight. I strive for 45mins of cardio per day which can be anything from running to the stairmaster or the even the stationary bike. I feel that abs are very important as well, and try to do some sort of ab exercise before each training session as well as in between sets.

When did you become interested in fitness and diet: I have always been interested in fitness from a very early age. As far as diet is concerned, I didn't really begin studying and reading about the effects of food and training until around 1995. At this point in my life I was doing some intense kickboxing training as well as running 5 miles a day and lifting weights. I had no concept of "fuelling" the body and so I didn't see the gains I should have. Over the years I have learned a great deal and I am amazed at the changes my body has experienced. If only I knew now, what I knew then!!

Hobbies: Of course my number one hobby is working out. I also love rollerblading (I used to play ice hockey), hiking, and as boring as this sounds, I love to read. Basically, I enjoy anything that involves activity and is outdoors.

E-mail: jchailler@bcauditor.com