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[ Q ] What amount of carbs, proteins and fats are you eating each meal / day?

    Meals 1 ? 4 have about 25 grams of carbohydrates. 4cal / gram x 25 = 100 calories each meal. 4 meals x 100 cal = 400 carbohydrate calories.

    I consume about 25 ? 40 grams of protein every meal. 4cal / gram x 32 (average) = 128 calories each meal. 5 ? 6 meals x 128 cal = 640 to 768 protein calories.

    Total essential fat intake is three or four tablespoons of oil a day. 9 cal gram x 14 = 130 calories each meal. 3 ? 4 meals x 130 = 390 to 520 fat calories.

    I also eat several cups of fibrous carbohydrates such as broccoli, green beans, peppers, asparagus and lettuce every day. On average these have about 25 calories a cup = 75 calories.

    Adding it up: 1505 ? 1763 calories a day. As a treat I have been eating 1 ? 2 tbsp of peanut butter, so you can add on another 100 ? 200 calories, mainly from fat bring my caloric total to 1605 ? 1963 each day.

[ Q ] What vitamins are you taking in the morning and night?

[ Q ] Is Splenda a safe sweetener to use?

    This is a great question and I wish more people paid close attention. On www.holisticmed.com/sweet/ they show that Stevia is truly the only calorie free sweeetner with is 100% natural and 100% safe to use. Whenever possible I will choose stevia (powder form) over splenda, and splenda over all the rest.

[ Q ] How often are you tanning and do you tan your face?

    Year round I tan about two times a week using a tanning bed, always wearing protective eyewear and covering my face with a towel. If I want color on my face I will use a self tanner at night.

    While preparing for a show I will tan every other day, and three weeks out, I'll tan every day. I am aware of the condition of my skin and will stop when I feel that I am getting a heat rash from the beds. While in Nassau, Bahamas where I am for the first two weeks of preparation, I will use my own tanning bed. Laying in the sun can take too long, or if the temp is just right I'll get eaten alive by these small bugs called 'NoSeeEms'. They are the color of my skin and I can't see them. They leave you with tiny itchy bumps, so this is the reason for having a tanning bed in the Bahamas.

[ Q ] Do you eat fruit?

    I may have a an apple for my carbs in the middle of the day on a salad with tuna / chicken etc? Berries such as blue berries and strawberries are fine, but I keep them to a minimum, or not at all to be safe.

[ Q ] What do you eat when you need a treat?

    As contest day rolls closer I will not cheat (last 3 ? 4 weeks). For now I will allow myself a spoon of natural peanut butter, or a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder at night. If I need something sweet, I'll drizzle sugar free maple syrup on my oatmeal.

[ Q ] How do you find the time to cook all your meals?

    I am fortunate to have my own business and work from home. I will pre-cook everything however when I am traveling or out of the house all day. Throw eight frozen chicken breasts and several sweet potatoes or yams cut in half, into the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 ? 45 min. Into your containers, add some cooked green beans (from a frozen state), and drizzle on some Flax or Udo's Choice oil and your set!

[ Q ] What is your diet and training like when you are not preparing for a show (off season)?

    I do my best to eat fairly clean most of the time since I may get a call for a shoot with short notice. I allow myself to have more dairy, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, and of course ice-cream. I'll also sway somewhat from eating every three hours, but will make sure to get at least 4 good meals in a day.

    I'll train usually just once a day, doing 5 min of warm-up cardio, 30 ? 45 min of weights and about 20 min of cardio, and then some stretching. I'll make sure to get to the gym 4 ? 5 days a week.

    It's important for me to eat and train well in the off season so it's not such a shock to my system and lifestyle when contest time comes around.

[ Q ] How does this compare with your pre-contest training?

    Before a show, I will be at the gym for 30 ? 45 min of cardio and stretching in the morning, then back about 6 ? 7 hours later for 30 ? 45 min of weights and another 30 ? 45 min of cardio plus stretching. I'll do this six days a week, and on the seventh day I will either just do light cardio at the gym, go for a walk or rest.

[ Q ] How do you keep yourself motivated?

    At the start, when I don't see my abs (which I think of as my 'fit meter') it can be overwhelming to think that I need to lean right down in a matter of weeks. Knowing that I have built a foundation of muscles, I deserve to know exactly what I can look like without the extra insulation. Preparing for a contest is a hard road so I start the ride slowly.

    By about the 4 week in mark, I will really start to see a change from the first week of prep, and this is a great motivator. People start noticing and complimenting, and my fans email me with their support. I may want to give in, but know that the show is only days away. However the real show is these 12 weeks. My fellow competitors and I are on a mental and physical journey testing our emotional strengths. It's on the stage where we receive recognition for our hard earned efforts.

When I am about 4 weeks out, I am at the home stretch. My tan will look great and my muscles will very defined and looking larger then when I began even though I would have lost weight. Having to get up in the morning and do cardio (45 min) before eating will now be a habit. For me at this point it would feel strange to sleep in, and drag myself into the kitchen to eat. I am also in fittings for my one and two piece suits which fires me up even more.

One week out, you will have to wait and see!

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