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Learn how to perform every exercise, what bodyparts they work, and more! Pictures and videos.
Search for exercises and learn the correct form with picture and video guides! Get the best results possible and stay safe while lifting.

There are many ways to find exercises using our new and improved exercise database. Simply use one of the sections below!

Section 1: Sort By Bodypart

Use this section to find all exercises for a specific bodypart. Learn about the anatomy of each bodypart here.

Front Side:

Traps (trapezius)
Shoulders (deltoids)
Chest (pectoralis)
Triceps (triceps brachii)
Biceps (biceps brachii)
Forearm (brachioradialis)
Abs (rectus abdominis)
Quads (quadriceps)

Back Side:

Traps (trapezius)
Shoulders (deltoids)
Triceps (triceps brachii)
Biceps (biceps brachii)
Lats (latissimus dorsi)
Forearm (brachioradialis)
Middle Back (rhomboids)
Lower Back
Glutes (gluteus maximus and medius)
Hamstrings (biceps femoris)
Calves (gastrocnemius)

Section 2: Search The Exercise Database!

Main BodyPart Worked*:

* This is the bodypart that is worked the most. On the bench press, the shoulders and triceps are worked, but working the chest is the main point of the exercise in most cases.

Equipment Used*:

* If you only have access to certain types of equipment, choose the type that you want to view. Otherwise, leave this at ALL. Kettlebell exercises are here.

Compound Or Isolation Exercises?*:

* Compound exercises, like squats, are exercises that involve two or more joint movements. These are usually better overall mass and strength builders. Isolation exercises involve just one joint movement, like bicep curls. These are better for targeting one muscle at a time.

Section 3: View All Exercises By Name

You can also view the exercises by name and then click on the name to view the exercise. Click below.

VIEW ALL EXERCISES BY NAME - Listed alphabetically.

Section 4: Search By The Exercise Name

If all else fails, you can search by the exercise name. Enter the full words in the form below.

Example: Incline Press.
Example: Extension.

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