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Healthy Snacks & Nutritional Tips For Athletes!

Check out these awesome sports nutrition tips! Find out which snacks are best and much more!

By: eteamz

Healthy Snacks

An extremely important part of training well is learning to follow a healthy diet. For athletes trying to practice and compete often, developing good habits with the snacks you choose can be critical to having the right kind of energy to draw upon.

Some healthy snacks to build into your routine ...

For drinks:

We suggest water, sport drinks, or unsweetened fruit juice.

For sandwiches:

Use whole grain bread, pita bread, or bagels with the following ingredients (get creative): plain tuna; turkey; boiled ham; lean roast beef; lean meats(95-98% fat free); lowfat cheese. Top off with lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, catsup or small amounts of lowfat mayonnaise. Regular mayo is high in fat.

Getting into the habit of eating cut-up raw vegetables is also healthy. Learn to eat them plain or with yogurt or other lowfat dips (avoid high fat dips).

Things to avoid:

Chips, snack cakes, candy and soft drinks. If you have to eat cookies, try graham crackers, fig newtons or ginger snaps.

The key is to develop habits of excellence. The fuel you put into your body has a lot to do with your ability to train, practice and compete well. Start today to develop good habits, and good luck. Don't forget to share some of your favorite healthy recipes on the new recipe board.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Nutrition Quick Tips #1

For the next couple weeks, Craig Ballantyne will offer up quick tips pertaining to nutrition and training. Thanks to Craig for his continued support of eteamz and his efforts to assist the online Strength and Conditioning community!

Nutrition does not need to be complex. Make sure you eat 3 balanced meals each day and an additional 2-3 nutritional snacks. Eating breakfast and post-training are the 2 most important times to get energy. Eat a variety of foods and try to limit your fast food intake, especially on game days.

Athletes must consume a proper meal post-game, practice, or workout. This means carbohydrate, protein, and a little fat, plus water for hydration. Athletes must replace the energy and fluids used in activity and also need to prevent muscle breakdown.

The meal does not have to be complex, just make sure to get some healthy food and fluids as soon as possible to prepare for future games and workouts.

Submitted By: Craig Ballantyne (CB Athletic Consulting)

Nutrition Quick Tips #2

Carbohydrates are the fuel for your activity. That means a moderate amount of fruit, breads, pasta and vegetables should be included at every meal. Choose cereals and toast for breakfast, sandwiches and pizza for lunch, and baked potatoes with dinner. Carbohydrate fluids are very important during and after workouts and games.

Athletes lose a great deal of water through sweat during training and competition. It is very important to replace that water as soon as possible during events. That's right, don't wait till after the final buzzer because dehydration can cause a decrease in strength and speed.

Train to drink fluids during games and practices. It is important to get a little bit of water every 15 minutes, especially in the heat.

Good luck!

Submitted By: Craig Ballantyne (CB Athletic Consulting)

Replenish After Training

Consuming a sound diet does not have to be complicated and complex. But it is important for you to eat well in order to have the fuel you need to play and compete at your best. This week's tip will cover the basics of nutrition.

Make sure you eat 3 balanced meals each day and an additional 2-3 nutritional snacks. Eat a variety of foods and try to limit any fast-food intake, especially on game days. The two most important times to make sure you get the energy you need are at breakfast and after training.

The importance of eating properly after training or competing is often overlooked. The emphasis has always been placed on pre-game or pre-training meals, which are important. However, replenishing and replacing the energy and fluids used during practice or games is important to prevent muscle breakdown.

This means eating a meal with carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat, plus re-hydrating with water or a sports drink. While a good healthy meal is important on game day, don't forget how important a healthy breakfast is every day and to eat well after practice or a game to aid recovery.

Submitted By: Craig Ballantyne (CB Athletic Consulting)

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Eteamz.com Members,

Healthy Snacks & Nutritional Tips For Athletes!

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