Bodybuilding Can Help You Be A Better Employee!

Good employees are indispensable and bodybuilding may be the key to the next level. How can you get there too? Read on and you'll realize why you should continue bodybuilding for the sake of your career.

Article Summary:
  • Managers love when an employee takes initiative to get things done.
  • Bodybuilding helps a person develop many useful traits.
  • Love your job - When you love what you do, you are likely to do it well.
  • Good employees are indispensable. They make more money, have more meaningful tasks assigned to them and climb the career ladder two rungs at a time. And, they always have a job. Many of their peers are jealous of their accomplishments and wonder how these people got ahead so quickly and now supervise others twice their age.

    How can you get there too? Should you get to work early and stay late? Miss your evening workout several times in a row so you can email your boss at 7pm from your work computer? Read on and you'll realize why you should continue bodybuilding for the sake of your career.

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    Author, Marie Spano: "Continue
    Bodybuilding For The Sake Of Your Carreer."

    What Makes A Good Employee?

    There are many traits that make someone a great employee, one that your co-workers look forward to seeing everyday. Some of these traits include:

    • Dependability: A dependable employee shows up on time each day and gets assignments done before they are due.
    • Takes Initiative: Managers love when an employee takes the initiative to get things done before they are asked. Do this and you'll make your boss's job much easier.
    • Positive Attitude: When you have a good attitude, you go out of your way to help others and other people really enjoy working with you.

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    Keep A Positive Attitude.

    • Flexibility: Now, some jobs take this to the extreme and expect you to be available at their beck and call even though they never told you this in the interview. Employers will always expect some flexibility though. Some employers are just kinder about life circumstances than others. If you want to make your life easier, get a clear grip on your boss's expectations prior to starting any job.
    • Skills & Knowledge: Your employer won't be impressed that you went to Harvard if you can't keep up with the skills required to do your work. No matter what field you are in there are always new things you will need to learn. Stay sharp and you'll be able to handle anything thrown your way.
    • Be Indispensable: Many career gurus will tell you to learn skills that others don't know, stand out and be unique.

    While some people can fake the traits above, many of us (including me) have no poker face. Put us in a miserable situation and you'll know we are miserable. That's why the most important trait of all is to love what you do.

    Love your job - When you love what you do, you are likely to do it well, work harder and be much happier. And, the people you work with will notice.

    Do You Love Your Job?

    Yes - I Love It
    It's Alright - But I Could Do Without It
    No - I Hate It

    If you aren't happy with your current position or career, explore the book "Don't Waste Your Talent" - an excellent read that will inspire you to change careers. Or, do what I did, work in a place that is so unbearable that you will daydream about scrubbing toilets and finally take a leap of faith on following your passion.

    Bodybuilding Can Help You Be A Better Employee

    All of the traits listed above are great but some of us just can't force ourselves to be happy and cheerful in a poor work environment. Luckily, your love for bodybuilding carries over to other areas of your life outside of the gym.

    It can also help you in your career. You see, as a bodybuilder, you are developing several traits that have nothing to do with muscle tissue. Some of these traits include:

    dot Perseverance: dot

      At some point we are all going to get sick, sore, tired or just plain burned out. As a bodybuilder, you can put many things aside and overcome how crappy you might feel so you can stick with your training schedule.


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    Your Work Day Can Lead To A Fat Day!
    The daily stress of work overload combined with inactivity, bad eating habits and lack of sleep can lead to a fat day.
    Kris Gethin

      Sure you might be whining inside at first but ten minutes into your routine you'll probably forget about your fatigue, bad day or breakup. That same perseverance will help you at work as well. When you are faced with a task you don't want to do or project you'd rather not work on, your ability to put things aside, persevere and just get it done will come into play.

    dot Discipline: dot

      The military is known for taking young boys and making them men. What's their secret (and can the women reading this train the men in their lives)? The military is about being regimented. Do what they say or get your butt kicked.

      No more sleeping 12 hours and boozing it up at night during boot camp. Some of the rules: show up when you are told to, respect everyone around you, take a shower every day, make sure you are clean cut and when someone yells, work harder.

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    No More Boozing It Up At Night.

      It should come as no surprise that employees love military personnel, both former active duty soldiers and those who are in the Reserves. Many of these same traits are developed through bodybuilding. Competitive bodybuilders have to follow a schedule for eating, sleeping and training.

      The structure developed by a bodybuilder, even those of us who don't compete, should carry over to your work life as well. Getting to work on time, following instructions and following through with a task to completion are just some of the skills you learn through bodybuilding.

    dot Impatience: dot

      Yes, impatience can be good sometimes. Bodybuilders want results. When you go to the gym consistently and train hard and eat right you expect results. If you don't get what you want, you start looking for answers: better methods of training, tips on nutrient timing, in depth information about the food you are eating. Likewise, you will learn to expect results at work.

      If you are in a workplace that doesn't challenge you, one where you have no room for growth (financially, career-wise or mentally) or just one that doesn't suit your personality, you will be more likely to look for other opportunities than the average Joe.

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    Bodybuilders Want Results.

      Have you ever met those people who feel they are stuck in their job with no where to go and they complain about it for years and yet do nothing about it? I've met several, none of them workout, most are unhappy with their overall lives and many are also quite overweight (that isn't a coincidence). As a bodybuilder you won't let yourself get stuck in a rut because you expect more for yourself.

    Additional Tips To Help You Be A Better Employee

    • Take Continuing Education Classes: Many employers offer these free of charge. If yours does not, check out the local community college. By enhancing your skill set you'll set yourself apart from your colleagues.
    • Enhance Your Communication Skills: Every job requires good, effective communication skills.
    • Act Like You Are Self Employed: People who are self employed are always selling and marketing themselves (which can be done in a very tasteful, not obnoxious way) and, looking out for future opportunities. Never get to comfortable where you are now because you never know what life will throw your way.
    • Network, Network, Network: Tell people what you do, from recruiters to people in your industry to acquaintances. Career coaches will tell you that most jobs are circulated through networks. You are more likely to find a job through someone you know than through any online site or want ad.

    What Makes A Career Satisfying?
    I'm trying to get my head around what makes a job satisfying. Does this come down to individual preference? Would someone care to join in on the discussion?
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    Don't give up bodybuilding for your job or career. You'll get further ahead if you take a break at some point during the day and workout. In addition, though you may not realize it now, you are doing a whole lot more for your body than just building muscle and shedding fat.

    Bodybuilding helps a person develop many traits that you'll find useful in other areas of your life and work-life. And let's face it, the traits listed here along with a hefty dose of confidence will get you further than a 4.0 from an Ivy League school.

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