East Coast Video Series, Episode 6: Victor Martinez Olympia Prep - Upper Arm Training.

East Coast Muscle is proud to offer this great video series with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Victor Martinez and MHP President Gerard Dente! Tune in and see how Big Vic trains for the 2007 Olympia! This week: Victor Martinez builds his biceps and triceps!

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East Coast Muscle, Episode 6
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This video series is brought to you by Maximum Human Performance (MHP), and features Victor Martinez, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion & 2007 Arnold Classic Winner.

In Episode 6 (the final pre-Olympia episode), Victor Martinez and Gerard Dente wrap up their detailed review coverage of Victor's nutrition, supplement, and training programs.

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Victor let the camera into the gym to capture his new hardcore pro bodybuilding training program for the upper arms, biceps and triceps. Victor and Gerard talk about key aspects of Victor's championship bodybuilding program.

Episode 6: Victor Martinez - Upper Arm Training.

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Extra features in this episode include bodybuilding's first fun science character, Professor "Bodee Bullding" (combining science and entertainment).

The Professor reviews the scientific bodybuilding nutrition book, Macrobolic Nutrition, and the related product, Macrobolic MRP.

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Another extra feature is the "More Muscle" segment covering the training of a variety of bodybuilders and strength athletes. In this episode competitive figure champion Angela Mraz, shows some of her favorite exercises and talks about the supplements she uses for championship results.

Big Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit! Big Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit!
Coming off his number 3 placing at the 2006 Olympia and his win at the 2007 Arnold Classic, Victor is becoming one of the most popular bodybuilders in the business.
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NOTICE: Want to show-off your muscles, too? If you are an advanced bodybuilder, or have developed huge muscles or strength, and you live in the New Jersey/NYC area, and want to be considered to appear in the More Muscle segment, email dan@supplementfacts.com. This could be your chance to show the world your stuff!

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following gyms where the training segments were videotaped:

    Gold's Gym
    Totowa, New Jersey
    (973) 256-4653

    Cando Fitness
    City Place at The Promenade
    River Road at Gorge Road
    Edgewater, NJ 07020
    (201) 313-3300