Transformed: Week 9, Day 62 - Bonus Workout

Hopefully, you're seeing how your often unexciting short-term goals can spell long-term success by now. If not, let Robert Timms give you a reminder before today's bonus workout!

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Goals, goals, goals!

Short-term goals aren't sexy—and honestly, they shouldn't be. Don't miss a workout. Eat well enough, often enough. Get enough sleep to keep coming back and knocking out more unsexy short-term goals.

But man oh man, are those short-term goals effective! They're the unsung stars of fitness transformations, and when you "stack them up" with effective long-term goals, as Robert Timms says in today's video, you're setting yourself up for permanent success.

Robert Timms Transformed Tip, Day 62: Short-Term & Long-Term Goals
Watch the video - 1:02

Day 62: Bonus Workout

Circuit: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 7 minutes
Inverted row Inverted row


10 reps
Burpee Burpee

Bodyweight reverse lunge

10 each leg (use weight for added difficulty)
Bodyweight reverse lunge Bodyweight reverse lunge

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