Transformed: Week 7, Day 49 - Rest

Smoothies are an art form. Spend today's rest day getting a load of micronutrients and fiber along with your protein using Chef Patrick Stark's favorite morning drink!

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Green protein smoothie

Personal question: Do you even smoothie, bro? If not, it's high time you learned. Start your day with more of the good stuff using Chef Patrick Stark's simple recipe. The best part: One batch fills two ice cube trays, allowing you to blend 6-8 cubes with some water and get an undeniably healthy breakfast any time you really need one!

Patrick Stark Greens Protein Smoothie
Watch the video - 3:08

Patrick Stark's Freezable Smoothie


Strawberries 1 double handful

Pineapple 1 double handful

Kale 1 heaping handful, stems removed, torn into pieces

Water 1 cup, then more as necessary to blend all ingredients

Stevia to taste

Ice (if you're going to drink it right away)

  1. Add fruit, vegetables, protein powder, Stevia, and one cup water to blender.
  2. Blend 1-2 minutes or until kale is chopped into tiny pieces, adding water as necessary to incorporate all ingredients.
  3. Once blended, pour into ice cube trays.
  4. To make a smoothie any time, blend 6-8 cubes with water to desired consistency.

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