Transformed: Week 7, Day 44 - Push/Cardio Workout

To ensure you're getting all of the nutrients you need, here are a few surefire way to boost your fruit and vegetable intake without even noticing!

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Getting enough veggies

In a fitness world consumed by macros and ripped Pop-Tart-eating, pancake-inhaling internet sensations, micronutrients—or micros—often fly under the radar. Let's face it: On a large scale, vitamins and minerals don't provide the immediate, easy-to-see benefits that protein and carbohydrates do. However, although you may not feel or see their effects, vitamins and minerals are vital for health, immunity, performance, and recovery! Even if you're not a fan of fruits and vegetables, incorporating them into your day is essential if you want to be your best self.


Smoothies are one of the best ways sneak in your fruits and veggies. Add plenty of nutrients (and color) without changing the flavor noticeably by adding spinach or kale. We've got tons of smoothie recipes; consider adding spinach to them all!


Diced broccoli, spinach, or other greens are perfectly suited to (or masked by, if that's your priority) the savory warmth of eggs and cheese. This is a no-brainer!


Iceberg lettuce is a vegetable in name alone. Instead, consider a darker green variety, such as romaine, spinach, or kale. Cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, and peppers also provide plenty of nutrients along with a beneficial crunch.


Fruits and vegetables also make satisfying snacks on their own. Sliced peppers, carrots, and celery also go great with hummus.

Your taste buds change over time. Maybe you didn't like broccoli as a kid, or maybe even as recent as 6 months ago. Try it again. You may find that you actually enjoy a fruit or vegetable you used to despise.

Also, keep in mind that the taste of fruits and vegetables changes when cooked. Don't like fresh carrots? Try them steamed or roasted. In general, cooking sweetens vegetables as the structure is altered and sugar molecules become exposed. Keep an open mind, and keep looking for solutions!

Day 44: Push/Cardio

Barbell bench press

4 sets of 10, 8, 6, 6, reps, rest 2 min. between sets
Barbell bench press Barbell bench press


Dumbbell incline press

4 sets of 8-10 reps, rest 60-90 sec. between sets
Dumbbell incline press Dumbbell incline press


Dumbbell shoulder press

4 sets of 8-10 reps, rest 60-90 sec. between sets
Dumbbell shoulder press Dumbbell shoulder press


Lateral raise

4 sets of 10 reps; last 2 sets are double dropsets, rest 60-90 sec. between sets
Lateral raise Lateral raise


EZ-bar skullcrusher

3 sets of 10 reps, rest 60-90 sec. between sets
EZ-bar skullcrusher EZ-bar skullcrusher


Triceps push-down

4 sets of 10 reps, last 2 sets are double dropsets, rest 60-90 sec. between sets
Triceps push-down Triceps push-down


Stair mill

HIIT 1:1 10 rounds at 85% max or steady state 45 min. at 60% max
Stair mill Stair mill

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