Transformed: Week 3, Day 16 - Challenge

Having moist and tasty chicken that's precut for all your weekly meals doesn't require you to buy prepacked mystery meat. Just follow trainer Mike Hildebrandt's simple but ingenious technique!

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Kitchen tips and hacks

What's your preference: grilled chicken or baked? Trainer Mike Hildebrandt's secret for perfect chicken every time—no small feat!— is to use the best qualities of both! He explains how to maximize your meal prep and have ample protein on hand every day in today's video.

Mike Hildebrandt Transformed Tip, Day 16: Meal Prep Kitchen Tips & Tricks
Watch the video - 1:29

Hildebrandt grills a large portion of chicken for 10 minutes, but finishes it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. It's a simple trick, but it gives him that great grill taste while maintaining the chicken's moisture.

Before transferring it to the oven, Mike uses a pair of scissors to cut up the pieces, which is faster and easier than a knife. It also creates strips that can be used in salads, burritos, sandwiches, or whatever your taste buds or recipe calls for. He suggests keeping the cooked chicken pieces on hand so you can easily prepare a perfectly proportioned meal throughout the week.

Protein: solved!

Day 16: Challenge
AMRAP (Bodyweight Complex)
Pullups Pullups


10 reps
Pushups Pushups

Mountain Climber

15 reps per side
Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers
Bodyweight Squat Bodyweight Squat

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