An Interview With Colorado Pro Competitor George 'Bullet Proof' Farah!

His sixth place finish, ahead of several of bodybuilding's big names, at last weeks Colorado Pro signaled his arrival as a genuine threat... Learn more about this IFBB Pro who has seen his share of struggles.

The man they call "bullet proof" has come a long way since he turned pro as a middleweight at the 2000 Nationals. Now, a full 30-plus pounds heavier and ripped to shreds at five foot six tall, George Farah has one of the more balanced physiques competing today.

His sixth place finish, ahead of several of bodybuilding's big names, at last weeks Colorado Pro signaled his arrival as a genuine threat, especially given he could have easily made the top three - it could be argued a coin toss is all that separated him from his two closest competitors, Ronny Rockel and David Henry.

One thing that cannot be argued is the fact that George is one tough guy: in 1998 he was caught in the crossfire of an attempted robbery and shot three times with a .4 calibre gun, but returned the following year to the bodybuilding stage to take the overall New York State Bodybuilding Championships and placed second at the Junior Nationals the same year - all of this a short time after being placed into a coma and pronounced dead several times.

In fact George's win in New York came only five months after his colostomy bag was removed. To come through this to even compete takes heart, but George has taken things a step further and has positioned himself as a top contender.

Highly educated, George has a Bachelor in Electronics along with certificates in nutrition (NFPT) and personal training (AMAF) and works as a consultant in the latter two areas helping others to reach their physical potential.

His main goals are to again stand on the Olympia stage and to also win a pro show before he retires from bodybuilding. He shared his recent Colorado Pro experience with me.

[ Q ] How does it feel to have had such a great showing at the recent Colorado Pro show? Do you feel the outcome was fair?

    It was great to finally being able to say I give it my best and it paid off but in my case it did not pay off as I had expected and no Dave, it was not a fair outcome!

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George Farah At The 2007 Colorado Pro.
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[ Q ] Going into this show were you confident the judges would like what you had? Before the show where did you think you would place and why?

    Going to the show I was very confident that I was going to turn some heads. I, for sure, thought that if any of the big names comes in less then 100% that I was going to qualify. But it did not turn that way and some people still placed ahead of me based on their names.

David Robson's 2007 Colorado Pro Review. David Robson's 2007 Colorado Pro Review.
While second-placed Darrem Charles was a favorite for the top six going into this show, and no one would have argued if he had, in fact, won, perhaps surprising to many was winner Kai Green.
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[ Q ] What is it about your physique that put you in the top six?

    I think that I have fairly decent symmetry compared to most and between my condition and the fine details I felt that I should have been higher than six place.

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The Top Six:
Greene, Charles, Samuel, Rockel, Henry & Farah.

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[ Q ] During the prejudging what were your thoughts? Did you feel you might place high in the field at this point?

    Honestly, I had it in mind that I was battling it out with Silvio for the third spot. But once again I was wrong.

[ Q ] Both Branch Warren and Dennis James placed below you and they were not that far off their games. Do you feel you can again overtake these two?

    If I ever do another show I don't think I'm going to be worried about who is going to be standing next to me or entering that show. And this includes both of the gentlemen you have mentioned.

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Branch Warren & Dennis James.
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[ Q ] Some in attendance felt you could have placed higher, ahead of David Henry and Ronny Rockel. You clearly think this also.

    Not only some in attendance. Also a few experts in the field including judges felt that I should have placed higher. That is why you won't see me on any stage anytime soon.

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David Henry & Ronny Rockel.
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[ Q ] What were your goals for this show?

    No less than top three.

[ Q ] Describe your preparation for the Colorado Pro, both training and nutrition-wise.

    My aim was to give it my best in the time I had to prepare but my best wasn't enough in the judge's eyes and I have to respect that.

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George Farrah.
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[ Q ] How were your diet and training programs structured for your Colorado Pro prep?

    I was on a moderate carbs, low fat and high protein diet and was training five days on, two days off.

[ Q ] Did you do anything differently to prepare this time around?

    No, nothing different compared to what I've been doing except I did not pay attention to the scale and went by what the mirror told me.

[ Q ] It would be fair to say your definition was unmatched. How did you achieve such a lean look?

    I stay fairly lean year-round and I think that played a big part in my conditioning. But I don't think that definition is what they look for anymore in our sport.

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George Farrah.
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[ Q ] If definition and balance is not what they are looking for anymore, what do you think they want?

    Are you kidding? It's a freak show out there. No disrespect for anyone but imagine me bringing the same package 10-12 years a go! What do you think the outcome would have been then? You should ask yourself this question Dave!! That is why I will always look up to people like Samir Bannout, Lee Labrada and Shawn Ray. These are the people that made me become a pro bodybuilder.

[ Q ] Was this your best shape ever?

    I think that I was one of my best showings and my conditioning was the best it has been the past a few years. I've been bit sharper in other shows before though.

George Farah Posing.
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[ Q ] What were your main strengths onstage at the 2007 Colorado Pro?

    My strengths were condition, condition and condition.

[ Q ] Did you take any nutritional supplements to prepare? If so, which ones and why?

Pro Complex

    I used the new Pro Complex formula by "Optimum Nutrition" and that seems to have really helped me out as far as keeping my protein intake higher then ever without the problems I used to have in the past with other protein formulas. This stuff was designed with people like George Farah in mind and I'm very proud to be a part of this great company.

[ Q ] What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

    Taking the year off. No sense for me to do any more shows if I cannot qualify for the Olympia in my best shape!!!

[ Q ] What are your long-term bodybuilding goals?

    To be able to look back and say that I won a pro show and placed in the top ten at the Olympia.

[ Q ] What can we expect to see from George Farrah the next time you compete?

    Next time you see me on any stage, my presence will demand nothing but everyone's attention!

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George Farrah.
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