An Interview With 2006 Fitness Olympia Winner, Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.

Winning is something Adela has become accustomed to in recent years and should maintain her hold on fitness competition into the 2007 season. In the following interview she shares her 2006 Olympia experience.

In a career highlighted with victory, Dominican Republic native, Adela Garcia-Friedmansky, has again captured gold by winning the 2006 Fitness Olympia.

Winner of the 2004 event and one of the sports most successful competitors, having enjoyed a succession of firsts in contests ranging from the Arnold Classic through to the Sacramento Pro, Adela knew she had "done her homework" and was happy and thankful with the September result.

Now she is focused on wowing the judges at the 2007 Fitness International, held on the Arnold Classic weekend.

An Interview With Fitness Champion Adela Garcia-Friedmansky. An Interview With Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
Adela began weight training at age 17 to improve her sports performance. In this interview Adela describes how she has become a fitness champion and tells of her competition plans.
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Bringing a tight and streamlined package to claim her second Olympia victory, Adela presented a physique four pounds lighter than the one she showed at the Fitness International held earlier this year. On both occasions she won.

Indeed, winning is something Adela has become accustomed to in recent years and with the improvements she is continuing to make, should maintain her hold on fitness competition into the 2007 season. In the following interview she shares her 2006 Olympia experience.

[ Q ] Congratulations on your second Fitness Olympia win. How does this win feel compared to your 2004 victory?

    To be honest with you, I am still on cloud nine. I feel so blessed to have won the Olympia title for the second time. I am very happy and thankful for a great accomplishment.

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Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
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[ Q ] Were you confident of victory going into the show? If so, why?

    I was confident going into the show. I had done my homework, but I was also going into this show with an open mind that all the girls were bringing their A-game to the stage. I knew my trainer Mike Davies and I had done what we wanted to do, so we were happy and confident.

Mike Davies.

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[ Q ] Did you change anything during your preparation period this year to gain the edge?

    Yes, we worked on coming in smaller and bit softer. I was 112 at the International; I was 108 for the Olympia. I like to be small and tight.

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"All The Girls Were Bringing Their A-Game."
Olympia Fitness Finalists.
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[ Q ] Did you have to work harder on certain areas of your performance?

    I did on my routine. My choreographer Renzo and I worked on new tricks, and I know that is one of the areas where I will always have to improve.

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Adela's Batman-Inspired Routine.
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[ Q ] What did you do during the last week of preparation?

    My mom came into town so we went shopping and I was being tortured by her cooking. I practiced my routine and did cardio. I normally don't do any weights the week of the show except for shoulders.

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[ Q ] What physical changes had you made this year to secure your second win against such a strong field of competitors?

    I brought a smaller package. I just wanted people to look at me and feel that they can look like that too.

[ Q ] Exactly what aspects of your performance and physique gave you the edge this year?

    The overall package I think. Every girl on that stage was phenomenal and it is always great to see such a strong field.

[ Q ] You have competed in the Fitness Olympia for several years now. How did this years Olympia compare to previous Olympia's?

    The Olympia is the pinnacle of bodybuilding and fitness. The venue was great; the prize money has gone up, so things have changed. I would love for the Olympia to have a different host hotel. Other than that, the show was excellent.

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The Orleans.
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Do You Think The Olympia Needs A New Host Hotel?

Yes, I'm Tired Of The Orleans!
No, The Orleans Is Great.
I Don't Really Care, Just As Long As I Can Afford It.

[ Q ] How would you rate this year's competition?

    Like I said before, every girl on that stage was phenomenal. This year the competition was harder since everyone is getting better.

[ Q ] Was there a particular moment during the 2006 Olympia that you enjoyed most, other than, of course, winning?

Christine Pomponio-Pate Jenny Lynn Amanda Savell
Mary Lado Kim Klein
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Christine Pomponio-Pate, Jenny Lynn, Amanda Savell,
Mary Lado & Kim Klein.

[ Q ] What did you the day after the show to relax?

    I had to work for my sponsor on Saturday so I have not had a chance to relax yet.

[ Q ] What is next for you? Will you look at contesting next year's Olympia?

    I am getting ready for the Fitness International, so I am working on this show right now. Of course I will be looking at next year's Olympia.

Adela Garcia
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Winner, 2006 Fitness Olympia.
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Week #31 - 10/10/2006
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[ Q ] Thank you for your time Adela. Would you like to add anything?

    I would like to thank a few people for all their support.

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I Want To Thank Everyone For Their Support.

    My sponsor, GNC, my manager, JM Manion, my trainer, Mike Davies, my choreographer, Renzo Coste, my Tanning experts, Jan Tana, my suit makers, Jagware, my make-up artist, Elaine Goodlad, my friends Pastor Mike and Andy for all their prayers. All my friends and fans for all the support, thank you very much.