Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux Signs With BSN.

Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux Signs With BSN. See why he was selected and why he is so excited to be a part of the BSN Team.

It had to happen. When one of the largest, most successful supplement companies in the world, BSN, wanted to round out its stable of talented athletes, a name synonymous with martial arts excellence, Julien Greaux, captured their interest.

With bodybuilding representation in the form of none other than eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, professional wrestling's 10-time world champion Triple-H, and fitness and figure champion Monica Brant, BSN was on the lookout for a worthy athlete who would identify with martial arts enthusiasts the world over.

French West Indies native Julien, 30, a 20 plus year practitioner of various martial arts, is widely regarded as the consummate hybrid fighter, such is his extensive experience in the world of mixed martial arts training. His knowledge in the areas of martial arts performance (including nutrition and supplementation) is vast.

An Interview With Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux. An Interview With Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux.
Julien would like to discredit the perception that the martial arts serve as a breeding ground for violent thugs. Learn more about Julien in this great interview and how he is promoting MMA training.
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As a sought after cover model, Julien maintains one of the best-conditioned physiques on the planet, and it is his goal to inspire and teach all who seek improvement in the areas of sports performance and physical excellence. With his BSN signing, Julien is now ideally positioned to do just that. Julien talks of this major signing below.

[ Q ] Hey Julien. I hear you have signed with major supplement company BSN to be their spokesperson for fitness and martial arts. Congratulations. When did you receive this good news and what was your reaction?

    Three months ago I sent a profile and some pictures to BSN. Rob Thoburn (senior marketing executive and scientific advisor for BSN) contacted me and that's it, it was that easy. I couldn't believe it.

An Interview With Industry Scientific Adviser Rob Thoburn. An Interview With Industry Scientific Adviser Rob Thoburn.
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[ Q ] What exactly will your role with BSN be?

    My role in the company is to be the face of BSN when it comes to Fitness and Martial arts.

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Julien Greaux Joins Team BSN.

[ Q ] How would you describe the products BSN has developed? What would you expect to achieve by using these products?

    I started to take BSN supplements one month ago and found they were just amazing. I tried tons of supplements in my 15 years of training and believe me, they are the real deal. I have become more shredded and fuller with these supplements.

[ Q ] What separates BSN from the average supplement company in your view?

    BSN is - for me - the number one company in the world when it comes to supplements. Why? Just because - once again - they really work and there are so many fake companies out there today. People spend so much money on supplements and get no results. BSN is - for me - the best and the results speak for themselves.

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Results Speak For Themselves.

[ Q ] How long is your initial contract for and what do you expect to achieve for BSN over this time?

    I have a two-year contract and what I expect to do is first to promote my image and inspire other athletes, other people around the world, and to be a role model for both adults and kids. I would like also to have a long-term relationship with BSN.

[ Q ] What qualifies you to be a BSN sponsored athlete do you think?

    I think my biggest quality for being a representative of BSN is that I am passionate about what I'm doing. I live and breathe my passion. I will do my best to help people to reach their goals.

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[ Q ] On a personal level Julien, how is life for you right now? What else is keeping you busy?

    Right now I focus mainly on my training. I'm pretty busy right now so it's cool. I have more covers coming out soon, articles, interviews and TV shows. It is never ending.

[ Q ] How is your training? What goals have you set for yourself in this area?

    I train harder each day, for me it's a way of life. I train like if it was my last session. Every day is a hard day for me. My goal is to maintain my physique. Not make it bigger or smaller, just maintain it.

[ Q ] You still have those amazing abs? What did you do to achieve this super ripped look and level of definition?

    That's a secret I can't tell you - Just kidding (LOL). Well, there is no secret at all actually. The last time I had a cookie was more than six month ago. I had to eat it because my wife Renee bought some, ha-ha! I just take my training really serious; some people at the gym are talking behind my back, saying I use drugs, like GH and the like. I find that funny.

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Real Funny.

    Believe me I would rather spend my money on sushi than GH ha-ha. But for me it's a compliment. I have been training for 15 years, so believe me if you train HARD, eat right and use the right supplements and be patient, you will have a good physique. The problem is everybody wants everything fast without effort; they are lazy and take it the easy way. You would never maintain a good physique on drugs - you just can't.

[ Q ] What would be a good BSN supplement for gaining mass? Why?

    There's a really good supplement from BSN called CELL MASS. I have been taking it for one month and I can see a difference in my physique. I am much fuller and stay more ripped.

[ Q ] Martial artists are known as some of the hardest training athletes around. What would be a good supplement program for a martial artist?

    For me the best supplement for martial artists from BSN would be NO-Xplode. When I take it I feel like I'm on fire, the stamina, the focus, the endurance it's just magic.

[ Q ] Good sports supplements are becoming more and more recognized as an integral part of athletic performance. Why, in your view, are supplements from a reputable manufacturer important for athletes?

    I think if you want to be a top athlete you cannot train without taking any supplements. I'm not saying you can't have some great results with just food and training. But if you push your body to the extreme you need some supplements, as they will definitely give you that all-important edge.

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Get That All Important Edge.

[ Q ] What advice would you give to a beginning bodybuilder/martial artist contemplating a supplement program?

    For beginners you have to keep it simple. I would say whey-protein, creatine, and multi vitamin and minerals are the best possible starting point. With time they can use a greater variety of supplements, but they need to understand and do some research about how different products work - not taking something just because their friend told them "that stuff works." You have to know what you are putting into your body.

[ Q ] What are some of the biggest mistakes people make as far as purchasing and taking supplements goes?

    I think the biggest mistake people make in general is they take way too many different supplements. You have to keep it simple and basic: a good whey protein, a good pre workout drink, a good post work out drink and a good creatine works well for me - nothing else. Of course if you want to loose weight you can add some fat burners. But in general, keep it simple.

[ Q ] What guidelines should people follow when wanting the best from a particular supplement?

    Once again, before buying any supplements do some research and learn about basic nutrition and chemistry. Also, be realistic. If you are 170 lbs, don't believe those ads that say you can gain 30 lbs in 30 days. They are a pure scam. Be patient, read different testimonies.


    Once again, BSN products are for me the best. Now that is my opinion. Honestly before I tried them, I was thinking "Let's see if I can finally take a supplement that really works."

    I started with NO-Xplode and NITRIX. Man, one week later I called the office of BSN (ha, ha, ha...). I told them to send me more.

[ Q ] These supplements sound like the real deal. What is your favourite BSN supplement and why?

    My favorite BSN supplement is NO-Xplode, you can train like crazy, and your focus is incredible without, of course, forgetting NITRIX for the AMAZING pump it provides.

[ Q ] What do you see as the future of supplementation, and why?

    Right now I think BSN is at the top. Of course there is a lot of competition, but BSN is a new company and look now - it's just amazing. Why are they everywhere? Because they really work! I do not want to mention names, but there are some companies who invent a different supplement every month, a new supplement a new revolutionary product - yeah right.

Julien Greaux
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Yeah Right.

    I just think it's not fair for the people who spend all their money and get no results, so that is why I give my testimony and say nothing works better than BSN products, and people who know me know I'm a honest person. I don't think there are any new supplements coming out soon from BSN.

[ Q ] Have you met with any of your colleagues (Ronnie, Triple H, and Monica Brant)? What is it like for you to be working with these people? Considering they have such great representation, what does it tell you about BSN?

    I met Monica, but it was before I was with the company. She used to train at Gold's in Venice, that's where I train. I haven't met Ronnie or Triple H yet. I will see them at the Mr. Olympia expo.

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Triple H & Ronnie Coleman At The 2005 Olympia.

    When you see who is with team BSN, you can see how serious the company is. Monica Brant is the most famous Figure competitor in the world, Big Ronnie C is 8 times Mr Olympia, and Triple H is a 10 times world wrestling champ.

[ Q ] I hope the contract is a successful one for you Julien. Is there anything you would like to add?

    I would like to thanks Chris Ferguson president of BSN and thanks to Russ Deluca from who has helped me from day one, and a big thanks to you David for doing this interview.

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