Focus On The Jamcore Training System. An Interview With Training Expert Jamo Nezzar.

We will be sharing some time with training expert Jamo Nezzar. In this great interview he will talk about his career and goals including information about the Jamcore Training System. Read on for more.

Although IFBB professional Jamo Nezzar has stopped competing in bodybuilding, he remains at the forefront of training excellence with his advanced training site

Jamo, who was, and is, famous for his marketable, yet massive physique, has sought the best expert trainers in the world - including no less than Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and martial arts master Julien Greaux - to convey to the widest possible audience, specific training knowledge that can help anyone to achieve their dreams.

Having spent over 22 years experimenting with various training concepts, and using the best of these to create his own physique as well as countless other, Jamo has formulated an entire training philosophy centered around core health (specifically, the abdominal, hip, spinal regions) for maximal athletic results.

"Jamcore training activates and stimulates the core area, which allows and enhances the transfer of power and flexibility from the upper body to lower body and vice versa," says Jamo. "The result is better overall strength and health, injury prevention, physical enhancement and heightened sports performance."

Jamo has also, of late, established himself as a training specialist for obese children, an area he feels we all need to take a greater vested interest in. Some of his results in this field can be seen in the following interview.

Having established himself as one of the best fitness professionals in the world, Jamo is now on a mission to help people from all backgrounds (professional athletes to the average person wanting weight loss for example) attain physical excellence. In the following interview he tells all about this training methods and what got him started in the fitness industry.

[ Q ] What kind of role does bodybuilding play in your life, now you have retired from competition Jamo?

    A: Bodybuilding still plays a great role in my life. Even though I haven't competed in a few years, I will always be a bodybuilder at heart. But now I'm changing the whole idea about bodybuilding. It's so much more than just contest preparation and the seeking mass for its own sake.

    Along with Dorian Yates, I'm starting the NEW ERA in Bodybuilding, where the physiques are pleasing to the eye, flexible and athletic. I was in a rut during my competition days and had become shortsighted. Now I see that the traditional approach to bodybuilding, while it has its place, often results in an unbalanced life and physique.

    Jamo & Dorian
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    Jamo & Dorian Yates.

    This isn't an indictment on bodybuilding or competitors. I just believe that more balance and progress will be achieved incorporating core training/cross training, not only bodybuilding training.

[ Q ] Could you give the readers some background on yourself?

    A: Well I was born in North Africa, Algeria to be precise. I come from a big family and, from day one, have always been athletic. I was a good soccer player when I was young and still love it today. But my main interest has always been muscle and super heroes.

    I never thought that one day I would look like one. But after just a few years of weight training, I saw my body transforming and realized I had potential for bodybuilding.

    At 19, I left Algeria and moved to London, England with 50 bucks and a dream to make it as an IFBB pro. 12 years later I made it. However, once I reached the circuit it didn't turn out to be what I had hoped for, or expected. Still, it helped propel me and was an important step in my evolution.

[ Q ] What projects are you working on at the moment?

    A: I spent the last three years working diligently to develop my new web site JAMCORETRAINING.COM. Trust me when I tell you that people all over the world are about to discover will blow their minds.

[ Q ] Explain the concept of Jamcoretraining.

    A: is a web site that is the ultimate personal trainer. Along with my team of experts, we offer video instruction so people can learn exactly how to train. We cater to everyone from beginners to the most advanced professional athletes. No matter what your level or goals, has the information and knowledge you need to make the fastest possible progress.

    Of course core training is the key to the site. But what is the core exactly? Well the core is the abdominal musculature, hip musculature and spinal musculature - basically the body's trunk/center area.

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    Jamcore training activates and stimulates the core area, which allows and enhances the transfer of power and flexibility from the upper body to lower body and vice versa. The result is better overall strength and health, injury prevention, physical enhancement and heightened sports performance.

    I've created the only training system designed specifically to improve the performance of professional surfers. Muscle & Fitness recently featured an article on my innovative approach with pro surfer Sean Hayes. But I also have specific training for soccer, football, swimming, water polo - the routines can be utilized to improve performance in any sport.

    In addition to the sports specific training, the site specializes in bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, teen training and parent kid training. But that's not all; there are nutrition programs and meal plans, printable workouts - everything you need to be your best.

    Members will get to watch me and my team doing it, actually demonstrating and providing instruction about special techniques and proper form. My team includes 6-time Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates. Who better than him to specialize in bodybuilding? But he's just one of many.

[ Q ] Speaking of other team members, you have just taken on martial arts expert Julien Greaux. Tell me more about your partnership with Julien.

    A: I met Julien a few years ago when I was still competing. He's the coolest guy you would ever meet. Not only is he always in incredible shape, he's multitalented and is an expert in many mixed martial arts disciplines. I always wanted him to be part of this concept, which is why he's the director of Fitness/Mixed Martial Arts.

    Julien is a great talent, but he is also a hard worker. Those two amazing qualities rarely coincide. And of course his physique is the PERFECT one to represent the ideal we're promoting on

[ Q ] What kind of impact will you and Julien have on sport/martial arts training? What do you hope to achieve together?

    A: Julien brings his martial arts expertise, which is combined with my contributions to the training aspect of it. I've developed some martial arts and fighting skills, but I'm certainly no Bruce Lee. That's why I leave that area to an expert like Julien.

[ Q ] Your focus as a trainer seems to have shifted more from bodybuilding to sport in general? Has this been an easy transition for you?

    A: Yes it did and it's been easy for me since I've always been a sports fanatic. I played soccer all my life, as well as basketball and beach volleyball among others. I've even windsurfed.

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    I'm Into Practically All Sports.

    I'm into practically all sports. That's why it's been a natural progression for to me to tailor training for improved sports performance and overall enhanced health, flexibility, and longevity. Muscle growth and strength increases are still crucial parts, but it's the total approach I'm more focused on now.

[ Q ] As a trainer, what are your specific areas of expertise?

    A: Bodybuilding and core functional training. What I've discovered, and continue to learn about core training is blowing my mind. If I had this knowledge and insight when I was competing, I would have never tore my pec or injured my rotator cuff, both of which ultimately ended my career.

    It's so easy to prevent those common bodybuilding injuries. But had I not had those injuries I may never have been willing to embrace core training. So the temporary setbacks actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

[ Q ] Do you have any kind of involvement in martial arts, as a trainer.

    A: My involvement in martial arts is through Julien. That's his specialty so he handles that area. I just teach you how to train right to enhance martial arts performance by incorporating revolutionary core functional workouts.

[ Q ] Where do you feel the future of martial arts lies? How do you cater to the martial arts athlete with your Jamcoretraining system?

    A: I think the future of Martial arts is huge. With the emergence of the UFC, which is now on TV constantly, as well as Pride fighting, it's taking off. Pro wrestling will always have an audience, but the interest it once captured has waned considerably.

    Boxing is also in a real down cycle. Mixed martial arts is the new trend. People want to see real fighting not acting. But we're more interested in teaching the benefits of training in mixed martial arts more than just the fighting aspect.

[ Q ] What is your training philosophy? What distinguishes your system from all the others?

    A: My training philosophies are simple but they work. I believe in activating the muscle so it fires properly. Then working the muscle. Finally creating an environment to help speed recovery and recuperation.

[ Q ] What did your 22 years in bodybuilding teach you? How has it enhanced your life?

    A: My 22 years of bodybuilding help educate me what training and dieting are all about. I was very fortunate to grow up training with the Muscleworks Gym family in London including the owner Sav, JD Dawodu, Amoury, Rhino, and Mark Smith, among many others. That gym is the best gym in the world and made me who I am. I miss it so much. Later on it was the input and friendship of Dorian Yates. I learned from the best.

    My basic approach to life coincides with what I learned about training. First and foremost, work hard, and believe in yourself, stay consistent. With that approach, in time, you will succeed. It was also deeply ingrained in me keep my feet on the ground and actually be humble, grateful and appreciative.

    RESPECT for others is something that is far too uncommon. The fans are the ones that make us, so I've never taken that for granted. Also, one of the most important things I've realized is that hard work is often its own reward, regardless of the outcome. There is always growth and wisdom that comes from it.

[ Q ] From what I hear, you do some amazing work with obese children. What is your approach to working with this population?

    A: That's what I'm all about right now; helping kids achieve health and fitness. I started two years ago with a young boy named Kyle, who was out of shape like a typical teenager. It's a simple, but thorough approach.

Kyle Kyle Kyle
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Kyle: Before, 9 Months & 12 Months.

    I took him on board, studied his behavior and really learned about his life situation, including what sort of relationship he had with his parents. Then I slowly begin the teaching/learning phase of the principle of jamcore training.

    Finally I invited them to train with me personally. When they first show up to work with me, they're lacking confidence and unable to make eye contact with anything other than the floor.

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    Then in no time, as their body is developing so is their personality, confidence and work ethic. They end up pushing me around - to witness that type of progress is an amazing feeling. After Kyle, his brother Kirk joined and a host of others have followed. My work with kids is by far the most rewarding.

    Kirk Kirk
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    Kirk, Before & After.

[ Q ] What are some keys areas you suggest one focus on to develop their athletic potential?

    A: Implementing core functional training on a regular basis is absolutely essential - more specifically Jamcore Training.

[ Q ] What other hobbies and interests do you have?

    A: Oh man, I'm a comic original art collector, and this hobby is practically bankrupting me.

[ Q ] What have been some of your career highlights, as both a bodybuilder and a trainer?

    A: Well, I was the first guy in the history of the IFBB to get my pro card on the same day I competed in my first pro show. I won an amateur contest earlier in the day to earn my pro status and went on to compete as a pro that same day.

    This was the 1999 English Grand Prix, following the Olympia. Many of the guys who competed in the Olympia were in that show and I still made the top ten. As a trainer, the biggest highlight is working with Kids and changing their lives.

[ Q ] What are your goals, both short term and long?

    A: My mission is to take Jamcore Worldwide, and I will, mark my words. I'm totally committed to accomplishing that goal. Also I just finished a COMIC exercise book for children that will be made into a movie. It's a beautiful story that I wrote, which combines my love for comics, kids, and fitness.

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